Small Thumper Location

The setup i have been using is keg, thumper, 36" packed scoria, 3" cross w/ reflux condenser, 15 degree upward sloped arm with sliding arm condenser. The Column is a modified manu sliding arm condenser.

The small thumper has a 3" liquid depth and holds about 8 oz. of fluid.

Could i put the scoria directly to the boiler, then the inline thumper above the scoria/ packed column or will it matter...

I was thinking i would get my heat up the column faster and the reflux condenser would keep the thumper full of distillage then when the thumper is full it it runs back to the scoria through the downcomers.. for reflux...?

Never tried it in that configuration, and have never seen anyone with a thumper high up on the column..

Any thoughts?

edit: I guess the same principal would be to put one bubble tray or bubble cap plate over a packed column a reverse hybrid kinda set up...



  • Looks like an interesting setup. Pictures please!

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  • Smaug has a big humper thumper, i have a micro humper thumper that was the concept i was playing with... just thinking of changing the location up above the column packing...

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    Tim here is part of my experiment. The external drain assembly was supposed to also be used to draw off fores / heads.


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    View of the heads trap


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    My intent was a 2 part experiment. I was hoping to observe wetting within the packed material and enrich the packing so much that any visible wetting would simply "flash" away once the system was fully enriched. Trying to put the system into a sub-azeotropic kind of condition. I was hoping that this type of visual indicator would tell me when to optimally collect. The second part was to do all of this at 4 liters per hour @ 95% with the 2" packed section.....Was a lofty failure. But the rum was smeared into a lovely mixture that was quite good 3 or 4 months later. I could only achieve 94% at 4 liters per hour.

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  • OK Guys don't get shy on my now tell me what you think of the idea... of moving the thumper above the packed column..

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    I have tried it, when making raki I needed 80% abv to run through the anise seeds. It worked for me.

    My take would be, if you need to extract some flavors (anethole in my case) through the thumper at a certain abv, it is a working idea.


  • Where is the thumper overflow going return FS? Sorry if I've missed it. I guess if it was a plate it would be internal?

  • I have 3--- 3/8" copper tubing j downcomers the small humper thumper cap is slightly off center and has a limited travel of 5/8" vertical movement...

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    :)) no, I was busy taking care of my grand daughter at home

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