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First Home Made Copper Parrot

Couldn't wait for the new crystal parrot, and can't afford the shiny stainless parrot. I decided to make my own. Now, I know the solder work is a bit sloppy, but it was my first time. It works great. With my new gained knowledge I will be tweaking and redesigning. Total cost $30 and I have enough to make 2 more.


345 x 800 - 20K


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    Looks great, just give those joints a really good polish with an emory cloth ribbon and soak her in acid for a bit to brighten it up. If you've got a small torch, you can get some of those drips off with the ol' heat-n-flick technique, just don't do it barefoot (or heat-n-wipe). Or if you are really patient, you can file them off and polish - heck you could file nice fillets into all your joints too. It's not structural, you can sand back until you hit copper - there is plenty of solder in the joint itself. Any chance you've got a grinding wheel/buffer? Go to town.

    You might want to put a little bit more of a beak on that parrot, I've always found that the output stream was a bit easier to judge if it was coming off a sharper point, but that's just me.

    PTFE seals in the ball valve? Probably.

    Looks great though, should be more proud of that.

  • You've done well to make that for $10, looks like it's be $40 worth of fittings in Australia.

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  • I like it! B-)

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  • A+, good job @MikeAggie there's no better feeling then the sense accomplishment of a project you envision.


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  • I say this one is better than a purchased one. It has Character. Good job!!

  • +1

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    ugly parrot, holds 2 cups, or 1 pint mason jar

    this is so ugly,,,,,its cute


    parrot 009.jpg
    600 x 800 - 88K
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    i have not figured out how to edit yet..


    finished parrot 004.jpg
    800 x 600 - 45K
  • Looks like an art installation.

  • Thought the same thing. Not ugly, but different, ART!

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