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Have the right Tasting Glass!

This discussion was created from comments split from: The European Oak Trials.

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  • One very important thing for getting the most taste out of a product is - the right tasting glass. It really makes a change, to use the right glass, I am not a friend of the stylish "Glencairn" type, as for my taste, it gives not enough space between nose and hand, I prefer glasses of this type. image

    (Sorry, for the German titles...)

    But interestingly, it also makes a difference how spacy the bowl itself is: some products shine with a certain glass and the other are working out poorly in the same one.

    If presenting the spirits to an audience is a task, I would try different styles of glasses on the same product, to find out how it works out. Also people might find it interesting, if there is also a choice of glasses for the range of products - just like it is known with wine.

    Cheers! :)

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  • I was just pestering @smaug about sourcing such glasses at a better price than we get here......

  • We are working on a SD tasting glass right now. They are expensive, if it should be a quality, that you want to drink from. I have some poor quality glasses at home, but I don't want to use them for guests - it just does not look good. When it comes to glass, the extra bucks more are well spent.

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  • I like a heavier cut crystal glass to drink out of. That is just personal choice though.

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    Hi, If you look for nice stuff look at APS Bar Supply.
    As a former barmanager i know they have the best stuff for the smaller orders, they also work internationally.

    Otherwise you can look at Saver Glass, that's when you want to order per pallet. But you can also look for some suppliers in Italy. They need the business so you can negotiate.

  • the grappa 613315 on page 247 of the APS catalog looks like what we want, not sure who to contact for pricing or imprinting?

  • whats wrong with the bottle and a straw

  • Just remembered this thread when I was in England last week...

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  • ah forgot to say, we had to postbone the glass project for time reasons. But on the recent trip to England I found once and again, how important it is to point out, that a glass can change the whole outcome of a tasting.

    It is pretty senseless (Sorry!) to use shotglasses for the nosing. It is also senseless to use wide tumblers, since your nose will not be able to catch the nuances of the flavours.

    Tasting glasses are for me the most important thing when doing cuts, I can work without thermometer, I can work blind, but I can't work without using my nose. ;)

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    Why not Taste and Nose in the glass that the beer, wine, or spirit is typically or traditionally consumed in. Wouldn't this make more sense than sampling in glassware that would never be used to consume. This seems atypical to me.

    If your consumer is going to drink whiskey in a double old fashioned - shouldn't the headspace aroma concentrations you are distilling, aging, and blending towards be appropriate for that style of glass? What might seem appropriate in a Glencairn can easily fall flat anywhere else.

  • @Grim there is a huge difference that one glass can make to the product. I think, that if you put it this way, I would rather ask: why not try to make the customer taste the same spirit in the nosing/tasting glass? I am sure, that the outcome is overwhelming, when a good spirit can finally be seen, what is in it.

    There is much tradition in glassware, much of it is outdated. No one would order a good Bordeaux in a traditional little simple glass like they did in the old days like 100 years ago on the counter of the village in France - right?

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  • we use the 5oz belgian taster the most, then the small 'votive' glass for whiskey neat, and a glencairn is an option, but a requirement for samples of our $100/bottle Distillers reserve.. I would still love the grappa glass, but have to be less than $2 a piece


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  • For those in Germany week after next 11th to 15th September at Drinktec, worlds biggest brewing exhibition, there are a number of glass manufacturers displaying their wares. Some of it is beyond extreme quality.

    By the way, there are also a number of distilling manufacturers there (from USA, China and Germany etc.). Is SD there ?? If you are, I will see there.

  • We will not display at the Drinctec, we are on the London Distilling Expo instead.

    When it comes to glass Riedel and Stoelzle are for me the best suppliers, I have been long in the glass business, those factories are not the biggest but very good quality for a decent price and perfect customer service.

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  • Stolzle Revolution Burgundy makes a fun tasting glass if you want to get very fancy. Very progressive modern shape and it works well to concentrate aroma in the headspace.

  • Anyone going to Drinktec give me a shout and let's have a beer together. I am there from 12th to evening of the 14th. +27833784015. Cheers Richard

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