Hello....Galloping Off Madly in All Directions

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Hello from up North. Just wanted to say "hi" finally and let you know you guys have been vital to my development as a novice distiller. I make rum and whiskey but I don't drink. WAIT!....what??......(dead silence, crickets chirping). Nope...you read correctly. Friends and family have been the grateful recipients (read guinea pigs) of my modest attempts. I have no problem with other people drinkin' booze....I just have learned over time, it ain't for me. But, hey....more for the rest of you, right?

I've been lurking (skulking) on these forums goin' on 2 years now soaking up as much information as I possibly can. I've gone from simple pot still to the modified VM setup advocated by forum member "dad" here and on other forums. I'm gettin' together the materials to construct a pretty bare-bones version of the Crystal Dragon; what Australians and New Zealanders call a "glasser". What I love about SD stuff is its modular construction. With grandchildren, "interested" neighbours and other distractions the fact that I can break down, squirrel it away or take it on the road is a blessing. The Baby Dragon is probably in my future and by that time perhaps I will have been able to put into practice what I have learned here and elsewhere. It goes without saying....there is a lotta crap info out there. Boy Howdy! Except for legit sources like SD and a few others, watching YouTube videos can liquefy your brain. Hell, it's downright dangerous. Anyway, once again, Thanks!!


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