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4 Perf Plates and 2 Bubble Plates Arrangement

So how would you run two bubble plates and four perf plates ? Bubble plates on top or every other perf need for puking I have a 4" x 2" torpedo reducer with a sight glass. Curious about pressure problems or is it just preferences.

Best Answers

  • You can see my trials here

    I have read some views about how different plates should be placed, but at the end it turned to be a bit of a trial and error for me.

    After my trials, I think a bubble plate on top of a perforated plate works better as it keeps the perf plates loaded which seems to solve pressure or any other problem that may leave a perf plate dry.

    With your available plates, as there is more liquid available at the top of the column my "educated" proposition would be, (from bottom to top) P B P B P P.

    I hope this helps.


  • I have run 5 perf plates with 4 bubble cap plates on top and it worked fine although I have read it will not work very well the other way around.

  • I would run 3 perfs on the bottom, then bubble, perf, bubble...


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