180° Bend Modification?

Hello again, I was wondering if anyone had experience cutting the 180 copper bend to a different angle and rotating the cutoff to attach back to the bend. I would like to get my pc a bit further away from the top of the boiler hence cutting it at a bit of an angle. What I am hoping is that it will act like a coupler to itself and I can then attach the reducer straight to the other end. Obviously would like confirmation before I go cutting into shiny bits. I realize I could just add in a 45, but if this works, its a lot less clutter.




  • The 2" bends are available in a 135 degree pattern Bob. I have just got stock in and haven't listed them yet (long story), i'm not sure if Smaug has them in stock or not.

    These equate to a 90 + a 45 in one fitting.

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  • Ahh, Good to know, but I already own one of the full 180's, looking to mod what I have.

  • Or I could be smart about it and add the 45 to the 1" after the reduction...Duh.

  • or get the 135 and sell the 180... or make friends with a good local tig welder that wants to do copper ;-)

  • This was the last connection on a new build before I could start testing and cleaning. My patience at this point in a build isnt terribly high unfortunately. :-* I went ahead with the 45 on the reduction and it works fine. It would be interesting to know if it would work to cut and flip the end of a 180 and attach the flared end back to itself. Would allow you to do other angles besides 45. Seems like it would work.


  • It might not be pretty @Bobtuse, depending on your fab skills, but I'm sure you could make it work.
    What you are describing is the only possible way to get custom angles like 30, 60, 110, 120, etc... degrees for a desired lyne arm pitch.
    We made a few custom 2" 135 degree bends in stainless after seeing (I believe it was) @CothermanDistilling make his own. It may have been @captainshooch?

  • it was me that did the 135... he could also put a 45 before the 180, I liked the look of that, and it brought the condenser closer to the column, for a less tippy setup...

  • @lloyd, If you're relying on my fab skills, almost assuredly it wont be pretty. @cothermandistilling, I was actually trying to get the condenser away from the column. Unfortunately having to accept tippy in exchange. My rig is self built one-off, and using bits cobbled together from previous builds and thus doesnt always space out as nicely as SD gear. The condenser ended about an inch off the keg top surface. The 45 on the reduction after the bend works, I have needed to fab a crutch to support the weight of the condenser out at that angle. An unplanned benefit is that it comes out almost exactly at the right height for my collection table.

    Happy to report that the rig seems to work as designed and is a remarkable step up from previous rigs. Thanks to SD for all the pre-fabbed parts that made it possible and reduced my build time to a reasonable span! An incredible asset to the community for sure.

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