ANHC 2014

Anyone going to ANHC in Canberra in a couple of weeks?

2-3 days of beer! Can't wait



  • I wish. Matbe next year i'll have a stall there? Do they have somewhere like a trade hall?

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  • Last 1 i went to was in MLB. They had an area for sponsors to spruik their wares. Worked well as it was the same spot lunch & smoko was, so lots of punters checking stuff out.

    i'll fill you in on this years event

  • WOW!! what a full on few days. Back at work today & can't believe that nobody was passing me a beer by 9:30!! haha

    It all started with a few quiet ones at bentspoke on Wednesday night then rolled into judging 21 great beers on Thursday, meeting the brewing network team; drinking Russian River beers you can't buy in Australia & hearing from Vinnie how he makes em; hearing about & drinking fullers vintage ale & fresh london pride; loosing my mates while trying to sample all the Feral beers on tap at the transit bar & realising at 1:30 am I dunno how to get home & don't have a key to get int the building to learning to make & sample 6 incredible meads from moonlight meadery to wrap up by trying to sample about 100 beers on Club night on Saturday night before heading back to the appartment to try & finish a keg.

    Some inspiring talks; interesting brew gear on display for purchase or as prizes (my mate won a conical as a lucky door prize!) - 1 guy won a brewmeister!

    If you guys can get there in 2 years - do it. It is an incredible experience from which you'll learn heaps as well as punish your body grin

  • Great stuff mate. I hear some of the Adelaide brewers did really well.

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  • so too did WA & Canberra. The standard at the national comp was really high.

  • Great to here some feedback of the Anhc I really wanted to go check it out perhaps we should make a link so any of us SD members plan to go we can all hook up for a few beers Thanks for the write up @clickeral wish I could have made it

  • Hi Coops, We'll have to wait another 2 years..... dunno yet where the next one will be held.

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