First AU Distillers Club ? Aussie get together in the Mallee area.

Well, after talking about trying to get a few members together for a catch up it finally happened today.

A group of 9 blokes, all distilling in one form or another, hang out and talk about the hobby, building, buying, how they produce etc etc. Some just starting out, some been doing it for a while, a real mix. A few locals and a couple who traveled over 3 hrs to attend.

We took along a few samples to try out among everyone, from rum, whiskey, bourbon, flavored products get to taste and compare.

But the kicker was actually seeing a SD gin basket in operation, producing a "wow" from all the guys who have never seen or tasted what it can do, I'm impressed to say the least.

Also had a hands on look at a SD Crystal Dragon unit, now we all want one... @punkin group buy perhaps?

To the host (it was not me) a big thank you for inviting everyone over, and we hope to continue on a regular get together, at each other places to see and compare even more.



800 x 600 - 80K


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