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Attached is a pic of sprouted brown rice. My wife has this down now. About five days of changing the water every day, in a glass jar. All I have read says 5-7 days is optimum. During the soaking it looses the brown color. Then she dries it in a dehydrator at 160 deg F.

Now I must find out how it converts with just the malted rice, no enzymes.


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    Hi dad, I am very keen to hear the results. Can you please post your recipe/tech for your rice vodka. I had a bit of a search for about an hour and there is not much info around. Cheers mate

  • I love rice vodka, but the process of removing the grain before going into the boiler is painful.

    I was having a PM and needed to show that brown rice from the grocery CAN be sprouted. It's diastetic power is in question because I have never done a straight rice and rice malt conversion. But I have used Koji, Chinese Yeast balls, added malted rice and liquid aspergillus enzymes.

    I basically followed the recipes for sake and distilled it. Traditional Koji recipes are very slow to ferment. The liquid enzymes speed it up exponentially.

    DAD... not yours.. ah, hell... I don't know...

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    is that regular brown rice or is it some special order. I have a hell of a time finding any grain au la natural without pay through the nose..... I really like the concept. Does the malt process change the flavor and how so?

    Dad, we think and like the same stuff.... gotta whip the rice vodka sparge thing.....

  • brantoken,

    Regular brown rice in a bag from the grocery...hulled but un-milled, not polished. The bran/germ is still attached. I don't know what brands she has tried but none have failed.

    It changes the flavor in baked goods and adds oil. In the ferment, I can tell that it has a better mouth feel with the brown rice. It seems to remove some of the flowery taste and add some nutty flavors.

    Polishing rice removes all the magnesium & selenium. Brown rice keeps magnesium content...happier yeast! I think keeping the hulls would be even better.

    The reason they polish rice is to make it more shelf stable. Brown rice will go rancid in short order.

    Now since it's the same rice as white, less processing, should be cheaper right? WRONG...its twice the price of white rice. The short shelf life queers the market price.

    I had a great reference paper about malting rice (since lost), the optimum time was 5 days and a sprout as long as the grain. After that your loosing to much starch for too little diastetic power!

    Every grain will not sprout but it's about 90%. Needs to be warm, about 80 deg F.

    But I have to figure out an easier process for the separation or distilling on the grain.

    I travel through thousands of acres of rice fields in the South U.S. occasionally. I know I could get raw dried rice at field prices if I could buy a ton....I mean literally thousand pound lots.

    I will say this...I have been making all grain straight oat whiskey from steamed flaked oats. It has some of the same characteristics with a little more bite.

    DAD... not yours.. ah, hell... I don't know...

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