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Abbott's Steam Stripper



  • It foams over into the condenser without it.

  • Foam has been the biggest problem I have faced in creating this stripping column

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    Big things are being made over here...


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  • Dieing to see what you intend to do with that

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  • Mega inline steam generator for the stripping column of something really fun

  • Quad barrel shotgun!

  • Quad GB4 setup!

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  • With a proper pump and an 8" RIMS styled pipe section,,,we'll have an outboard, recirculating heating system.

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    Just laying it all out to figure out what I still need to order and to figure how much square tubing i need to get at the metal shop to weld up a stand for this beast


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  • Will your steam generator be 22,000 watts?

  • Yes sir, I should be able to process .5 gpm of wash with full heads/hearts/tails separation, I might have to add or delete plates here and there to get it dialed to the exact 80% output that I am looking for, but in general the design appears to be solid. I am hoping for a 90% efficiency, my most recent 4" stripping column had 95% efficiency when pushing .25 gpm, which had 5500W, but I also wasn't running 16 plates with a full fractioning column. If I had clean steam from a boiler I could surely push this faster, although I have no boiler, I just have 400 amps and the two inline water heaters for mashing. To start it will be controlled by 8 PID controllers, although I would like to change it over to a PLC, we just didn't have time to design/program a PLC the last time I was in wisconsin, the design of this took all the time I had allotted with my fathers engineering firm. If this works to my liking I will be saying good bye to my 500L boiler, we switched over to ngs for vodka(best decision I ever made) to meet demand so all I need to distill is whiskey. My distillery is strictly vodka and whiskey, I've found when you add too many products to your line you get lost in it all and you become just ok at all of them, instead of excellent at the product you would like to focus on.

  • The 4 element is for the reboiler?

  • steam generator at the bottom of the stripping column

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    it got big quick, about 10' tall


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  • Crazy dude. Flow chart please before my brain scrambles.

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  • I will post one down the road, too busy at the moment, its telluride jazz fest so we are slammin busy.

  • Too late. I already short circuited my noodle.

    At your leisure sir.

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  • @Telluride , any updates on the new build mate?

  • Works great, just havent had time to update, ill get around to it at some point, it was an extremely complicated build

  • Would love to see more on this.

  • Any updates on this? I'd love to drop over to telluride and check it out in person but starting a new project shortly.

    Trying to figure out a solid proven working design for a stripping column. Preferably it would do 1000 in 8 hours.

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