DROK 110 / 220V Digital Volt / Ammeter Question?

Built the DIY Controller Kit, have a analog volt meter and wanted to add this digital volt /ammeter to the setup. Connected the digital to the same terminals as the analog. The analog volt meter pegged out at 250 v regardless as to where the pot is set, one of the components on the digital got hot. Disconnected the digital from 220, wired it to 110, appears to still be functional. Any suggestions as to what is going on? Verified that it is indeed a 220 volt model.

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  • The controller does not lower the output voltage. It just chops it up. Unless you use a 'true RMS' voltmeter you wont be able to measure accurately the output voltage.

  • Depends on the controller. When you chop the waveform you reduce the voltage. That same resistance on the new voltage pulls a different current. The current and voltage ballance out eventually but you do end up with both changing in steps. image

    You are playing with both V=IR and P=IV

    Image is for a 3kW element on 240v with a PWM controller


  • Found on Home Distiller forum that a digital marketer will not work if wired after the PSR. Something about the sine wave causes problems and will burn out a component. Volt side must be wired to line voltage. Analog meter seems to be working so far. First real run will be on Saturday.

  • Actualy I have not found this. Both the ameter and the voltmeter should be after the controler in my view. The ameter is in one of the element legs and the voltmeter is between the 2 element legs.

    Many controllers will adjust both the current and the voltage at the same time. For duplication between runs you only need 1 value, but if you wish to know the ACTUAL power consumption then you need both.

    For many folks a calibrated controller is an unnecessary extra, but it is a "nice to have" option.

  • You can't adjust the current and voltage at the same time


    Its simple Law Of Ohms !!!!


    R is fixed (your element)

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