PID or Thermocouple??

Finished wiring DIY controller yesterday.. use a PID for temperature readout as well as control of second element. Distilled water as a trial run part way through, pv began flashing, checked connections, found a loose crimp connection. Fixed, seemed to run OK. Today, the problem reappeared. Have a new thermocouple ordered, but it's coming by a slow boat from China. In the meantime, is there any way to troubleshoot this? Have two other temperature readouts so I'm not down and out as of yet.


  • is the PID in the same box as the heatsink? probably getting too warm... attach a couple pics..

  • Total boneheaded mistake..if polarity of the thermocouple is reversed, it will give a readout, but is incorrect. After a while, it will quit recording at all. Reversed connection, all is well.

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