Blueberries, any suggestions?

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Anyone got suggestions on what to do with 2-3 gallons worth of blueberries? Just picked them and don't have any experience with fresh fruit.



  • I put em in neutral and nuke em add sugar to taste... awesome drink...

    bentstick has a recipe somewhere's posted too... in one of the nuking threads

  • Recipes scattered all through the nuke thread....

    Nuclear Whiskey / Nuclear Rum and Spirits Rapid Ageing all 21 pages of it...



    Wv_cooker shared this recipe: for FRUIT NUKINS
    The recipe is simple he says for making Blueberry, Blackberry, Strawberry and Cherry Likker

    Take a quart jar, fill the jar 2/3 with fruit, added 1/2 cup sugar, filled the jar with 50% ABV Vodka that I already had setting around nuked for 2 - 1 minute increments as fruit heats to a boil rather rapidly. Let set to cool then repeat for a second nuking, let cool and drink to your liking.
    The Vodka was Birdwatchers That I had diluted to 50% ABV.

    1 shot of Blackberry mixed with 1 shot of JD in an 8 oz. glass filled the rest of the way with Pepsi and I am in heaven every evening before bedtime.

  • Here we have Blueberry Aue De Vie and a Recipes of Nuked Products (Nuclear Whiskey / Rum) discussion in great need of revival.

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