Hey from Houston

Good morning. Nice site. The online sites in general have improved my craft a lot, though it's ironic that the swill I was making while "unguided" was still better than most of the stuff available at the corner store. That's more a criticism of commercial spirit than a tribute to me, unfortunantly. A few months ago I bought a couple 4" SD bubble cap sets and a copper cone, getting better flavor than the old trusty 2.5" CM at about the same run speed. Mostly use it to make one run AG whiskey and then a sugarhead on the used grain, plus a little rum for the winter. I'm older than most forms of dirt and have a strong background in refinery controls and lab analysis. heartcut


  • Hi Heartcut glad you are here. In fact I thought you were here already? Your input is welcome.

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  • Welcome @heartcut, feel right at home here in our midst. Have a look around, and familiarize yourself with our place. And most importantly, enjoy & have fun! :)

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  • Enjoy your cruise around 610 today Heartcut i am sure its traffic free.... LOL :))

  • 610 for me was my first summer driving... damn what a learning experience...but that was a couple weeks ago...how many ooooh i forget...


  • Thanks for the welcome. Yeah, FS, I avoid 610 and 290 like the plague. Everyone want to drive at the same time as I.

  • What a lovely bit of civil engineering that the Loop 610 and HWY 290 exchange turned out to be. As a kid I asked my Mom what all that dirt was for, she said they were building a highway called 290. At the time it was in the middle of no-where but jeez 2 lanes on each side? And when it was almost complete they began to tear it up to widen it. That was, of course, before Houston became boomtown and no-one could have forecast the rapid growth.
    Still, where ever I go, people equate Houston with traffic congestion. And summertime heat that can take your breath away. (Except China as Houston mean NBA and Yao Ming).

    Going to be in Houston in a couple of months, hope to meet some of y'all there!

    I also thought @heartcut was already here.

  • Lloyd, I'd like to meet you when you visit. A friend from Louisiana was moving to Austin with little kids in the car, on 610 headed for 290. They wanted Mom to show them cowboys, as they were in Texas. As she started to explain how times changed, they passed a rodeo trail ride and the kids went quiet and satisfied.

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