2" TC to MNPT Elbow

My 300 gallon plastic conical has 2" pipe thread opening on the bottom, since I took a SD elbow and welded on half a nipple...



600 x 800 - 30K
600 x 803 - 32K


  • Nice. I used a 2" MNPT to TC Adapter on mine. Then added a 2" 90d elbow. Cost me another clamp and gasket. but effectively gave me the same result. How many of those 300gall bad boys did you get?

  • Which plastic conicals did you go with? Interested in picking up a few additional.

  • I just got one, it is the Den Hartog/Ace Rotomold one, I only got one so I can have some nicer stands made and then order more without stands, I did a LOT of shopping around, there were several places that were doing bait and switch... it was $728 shipped from Ruralking.com

    Item Sku Qty Subtotal

    Ace Roto Mold 300 Gallon - 45 Deg. Cone Bottom, Dome Top CB0300-42 DSRK13 017210350 1 $373.97

    Ace Roto Mold 200-350 Gallon - 45 Deg. Cone Bottom Stand CB042-45ST DSRK13 017210408 1 $242.97

    Subtotal $616.94

    Shipping & Handling $161.72

    Discount (Save $50.00 on LTL Freight) -$50.00

    Grand Total $728.66

  • Ah thanks for the tip. Did you take delivery yet? What do you think of the quality/durability?

    I was looking at OC0325-36 with the hinged lid.

  • yes, it seems good, I think it is the same one as @RedDoorDistillery has

  • Yup. I have 4 of them. 3 for fermenters and 1 for a holding tank for my strip runs. I collect 3 fermenter worth of strip runs in the 4th tank and then put it all back in the still again for the 2nd pass to vodka purity.

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