Still Size Starting Out

I have been a home distiller for a while using a 2" reflux tower. Thinking about moving up and opening a micro distillery. I hear a lot of good thing about the dash2. Is it better to run several smaller dash2 stills or bigger stills like the 8 inch or bigger. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems.


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    Hours in the day, making it is easy, selling it is hard. Make sure you have enough hours in your work week to sell and do paperwork, and bottle, and clean, and take deliveries, and do tastings, and do ride alongs with reps, and pick up the phone, and clean, and paperwork. Probably missing a dozen more things.

    We decided to go with a 1000 Liter steam jacket, anything smaller wouldn't be commercially viable for us. Column size larger than 8", but won't let big surprises slip.

    We've heard similar from many new startups that started smaller and struggled because of it. If your plan calls for you to be running 4 days a week on smaller equipment, you have no real room to scale, or sell. Miss a couple orders with your distributors and you've damaged an important relationship.

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