How much 6" copper to buy?

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Hey guys, it’s question time again

I am about to buy the some lengths of 6" copper tube from my scrap yard and I need to know how much I need to buy?

I have a 60 gallon copper boiler which will be powered by a maximum of about 13k watt heating elements. The still will also be completely modular.

My questions are:

  1. From reading other peoples posts on this forum – if i buy a 6" diameter pipe will each section need to be 6" in length? I will have 3" sight glasses or 4" if I can get the right copper and glass

  2. And is it OK to have a 6" diameter x 6" in length copper dephlegmator? I was thinking of adding 5 x ½ pipe in between the dephlegmator.

  3. I also have a 4" x 800mm copper tube I want to make into a shotgun condenser. Is that long enough?

  4. If I can get the copper do you think a 10 plate still would be worthwhile or is 6 plates enough? I will mainly be doing rums and whiskeys but thought it might be fun for a few vodkas? What are peoples thoughts? Or is it overkill?

Can't wait to start building :)


  • I was thiniking of buying 72" (1.83m) worth of 6" copper.

    1x 6" for the boiler top 10 x 6" for the individual coloumn sections 1 x 6" for the dephleg

    1. 6in x 6in sections, and go for 4in sight glasses, use some 4in pipe, 4in copper ferrule a 4in tri-clamp - gasket and clamp (easy to clean).

    2. I would go with 6"x 12in long for your deflag, 5x 1/2in tubes is too restrictive. I'll post some drawings for you later.

    3. 4in x 800mm all copper shotgun, I wish I had one of those! do it!, that should handle wise your power level.

    4. Keep it modular, and plan for 10 plates...

    5. I'm hanging out for the announcement in 3 days time!

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