Justa hummin' along

Hot Damn, what's that noise?? Have one 5500 element (running on 120 volt) connected by volt controller, the other is connected to the 120 wall plug....the one that is direct connect is humming, what's with that?? Thought I'd post a couple of photos too.



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    Camco - Residential Electric Water Heater Troubleshooting Manual (PDF)

    Check the FAQ on Page 14 - "I just installed a water heater element and now my heater makes a humming sound."

  • Learn something new every day, had no idea that the orientation of the element would cause harmonics. Thanks for the information, gets really loud too!!

  • Take a look in the keg before you tighten to confirm the orientation.

    Also don't forget that your elements are only running at 1/4 the power output at 1/2 the voltage - 1375w a piece - Ultra Ultra low watt density.

  • Waiting for the parts for the DIY controller to arrive before rewiring for 240 volts.Will use that for the main control, the PID for temperature readout, and supplemental run up to temperature.

  • I'm curious @ozarks_irishman, does the humming go away after boil up?

    I use the boiler sounds as a tool. The sounds that it makes when first plugged in and the sounds it makes as it reaches the boil and then becomes almost silent before production begins is normal for me. The humming sound is not but that's one of the many variables I guess.

    Glad you got it figured out with @grim's always expert advice.

  • @Lloyd, can't tell you if it goes away after boil up...freaked me out and I pulled the plug!! :-t DIY parts showed up in the mail so, will be busy wiring for a bit

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