The Most Perfect Still

Not possible for any one still to be perfect for everyone.

And so much depends on the many variables... what you have available to ferment, what you want to produce, how much you consume, how much power you can provide, how much room you can dedicate and certainly your finances need to be considered.

If I had to setup in my small apartment kitchen then I'd say a 2" pot still would probably be the most I could accommodate. Doesn't mean it can't be nice - just means it needs to be small.

If my space was bigger, say a small shed or garage, then my choice go way up. 4" or 5" column is not out of the question if I can give the boiler 4Kw to 7Kw. Ceiling height now becomes the major issue if high purity or very fast production is an issue.

Pros have their own choices to make for their distilleries and I'd hope anyone and everyone shares what they consider to be "just right" for their circumstances. I'd think it would help the new comers and also the more experienced users on their upgrade path.


  • I've stumbled along on my distilling journey and along that journey I've come to the realization its best to buy once and buy right.

    It will only cost you more in the long run, the whole modular concept is great for that.

  • 200L boiler.
    5in Crystal dragon, 10 plates.
    9-12kw of juice.

    Drawing 50A at home might raise suspision

  • Be alright if it's not for 14 hours a day every day :))

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  • If i had a bigger shed i'd go for the following 200L (Because of cost instead of a 120) 5 or 6"

  • Ive made different pot stills, bokas, 4' lm's, but I'd have to say I'm happy with what ive got now, 3 plates modular with a short lava packed section. Its short, even with the packed section, can run it from 60% to 94%. I can strip at 12lph, spirit runs at 2 lph, not fast but good enough for me. Full flavour when I want and clean neutral when I want, with single runs. Suits me perfectly!.

  • Well I am planning to have a 150 - 200 liter with a 5" column, but I still want to keep my little <30 liter pot still too.

  • Six 5" plates for me, CD of course only because I like to see everything from across the room. 7200 watts are currently available.
    At a minimum, a dephlegmator PID controller and 70L (+/-) boiler. Producing 6 to 8 liters per hour depending on the degree of purity I'm after.

    I'm also good with running most any configuration smaller than that as running time is not so much of an issue for me. For absolute neutral I'm not really there yet but that doesn't bother me. Neutral is cool for bragging rights but not absolutely necessary.

    I'd very much be happy running a SD 2.5" bubble column in my small apartment kitchen someday. If it ever gets produced!! But since the Pro5 is setup and cranking I admit its a little hard to focus on the 2.5" stove-top right now.

  • 32Amps 6 plate 4" bubble cap with options for 500mm length for experimenting with vodka Boiler size I would have to say 200ltr as my new fermenters will be 200 ltrs And a nice shed to put it all in

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