Element Guard Kits

Hey stupid question

Which way round do the element guards go?

When I pulled the element I have out last night I felt like I had installed it the wrong way

Anyone want to post some pics?

I'll hook my one up tomorrow and post pics


Also to anyone reading around on the net a 2400w element is the max power you want to run off 10Amps (normal household plugs)

You can not get a 4800w element that only draws 10Amps (found a few people claiming this)


  • I*E=P

    10Amps at 480V would be 4800W....

    True, likely no one has 480V unless you are a factory or something similar, but theoretically, it is possible...

  • Sorry should have specified 240V :p

  • Ohms law, amps multiplied by volts give you watts, eg: 240v by 10amps = 2400w

  • Yeah the plug I have in my spare room is rated at 20Amp however it has 1.5mm wiring which is only good for about 10Amps

    Seems someone wired in whatever plug was laying around at the time :s and the fuse in the box is a 20Amp one

    Slightly annoyed but ohwell better safe then sorry

  • pictures are worth a 1000 words...

    There's an element guard thread around here with heaps of drawings and info

  • Yeah will post pics tonight

  • You couldn't put it together backwards if you tried.

    Used to have a boilermaker at work that had a gift for doing things backwards. You'd give the old fella a job with drawings and even a cardboard model and he'd come up with something that would amaze you how he managed to get it to be absolutely useless, but completely plausible to be done from your drawings even though you'd reckon a six year old could do it.

    I don't reckon even old Dougie could put an element guard in backwards.

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  • These are the pics from @NineInchNails posted on 6th March here:





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