Ordered My Dash 2 SGK

Hello All,

Ordered my still today all paid up.
Super pumped up , cant wait to get it ,
already have some washes to still when it gets here, Have 6 gallons of high test cider , and 10 gallons of some extra pale beer that fermented too hot and tastes a little off because the cooler it was in died when I was out of town ( fermented in the upper 80s lower 90s), Any Issues with put this old beer in the still. it was brewed last summer and has been stored in kegs, very little to no hop aroma at this point. ( hop character fades fairly rapidly on un refrigerated beer)

excited to get started , going to malt a bag of corn or two this weekend.



  • Just make sure to degas the beer and it'll be all good. I have 2 kegs of infected wheat beer i'm thinking of doing the same thing for.

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  • yes, warm the beer to room temperature (or back porch temperature) and allow ti to degass.... you can even throw in some sugar to some and not to others and compare....

  • Started 15 LBS of corn malting when i got home from work , going to work on a whiskey grain bill, i have a 50 lbs sack of raw rye , as well as sacks of flaked barley , barley malt and wheat malt. the plan is to make a total of 20 gallons of 12% beer

  • just a reminder for brewers, you need to cook(boil) or do a cereal mash on most unmalted grains to get any decent yield from them, then cool to mashing temperature and add malted grain...and this will benefit greatly from enzymes(search this forum) so that you do not end up with pudding...

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    yes I am aware of the need for a ceral conversion on non malted grains, Its is very important to remember that fact Thank you :D

    However I don't wait for it cool. I adjust my strike water temp to compensate for the elevated temp of the now gelatinized grain.

    The malted corn is coming along nicely the roots are about 1/8" long at this point . Going to rinse the corn on sunday in my mash tun in prep for uses. I have a Clean garbage disposal unit hooked to a 1 basin kitchen sink and I am going to try an experiment !!!

    I am going to take the malted wet corn and load it in to the sink. The outlet of the garbage disposal will be piped to big plastic contaner. the plan is to load the grain into the disposal unit with a slow stream of hot water flowing . Tf it works, it should make grinding up the wet corn a snap. Then just put the ground corn-water mix in a kettle for gelatinizing.

    I see no reason to dry it first, if i don't have to run it through my roller grain mill.

    here is the grist i am going to use,


    800 x 447 - 47K
  • Reoprtedly a remarked flavour difference between wet and dry malted corn. Not to some people preference green.

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  • hum interesting! i wonder if a quick boil after the mash would not cure that?

  • after thinking about it, i have seen this before, i just did not put two and two together, because i have heard it called grassy. and that comes from over modified malt that has had exposure to light and the shoot turned green with chlorophyll .

    but ether way i will let you know , will sample the malt in a small hot tea test for taste and diastatic power.

  • @DemBones how did you go with the malting any photos and info on technique?

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