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UPDATE 15/10/2014: This posting is now outdated. Our new website is finally online. Please click our logo button at the top to take a look!

Welcome to StillDragon Europe!

In case you have tried to access our website (or any of our other domain names) you have temporarily been redirected to this announcement because our own website is not online yet.

Our company is the exclusive distributor for StillDragon products in Europe and the surrounding area. We pretty much have just started our operation, which is why ordering can only be done by e-mail until our new website is online, which we hope is going to be the case very soon now (we hope within the next few days!).

We currently have most StillDragon products in 2" and 4" available from stock, as well as all the new items in 5", 6" and 8" and a selection of boilers in sizes of 50L (MilkCan), 70L and 150L in pot belly design with agitator and with/without waterbath (bain-marie).

Please submit any inquiries to us by e-mail (see info below).

It will be announced here in the forum and through our mailing list for interested parties once our website is operational.

Some FAQ:

What's the hold-up with the StillDragon Europe website?

Europe is a difficult place to be. You can't just start selling using any web shop software because of the overly complicated mail order law. There is a new European wide directive which requires quite some modifications to existing shop software. We are still busy with preparations and feeding all the products into the system, the fact that we have to do it multilingual (with English and German for a start) does not make it any easier. Have a look at the following preview, I'm sure you are going to like it once ready:


How to order in the meantime?

Please submit your inquiry together with your full address by e-mail to


and we will make you an offer. If our offer suits your needs, items available from stock can be shipped right after payment has been received. We currently accept bank transfer (the preferred payment option especially thanks to SEPA with no additional costs) and PayPal (which comes with a surcharge). Payment by bank transfer is quite common here in Europe, and there is no need to worry, our company is a trusted member of the StillDragon Distribution Network and an officially registered entity.

How does it work with VAT? Do prices apply with or without VAT?

On all regular sales within the European Union the Austrian VAT of 20% is applicable. VAT can only be omitted on commercial sales if the buyer has a valid VAT number and on exports to destinations outside the European Union.

How much does shipping cost within the European Union?

We are using the Austrian Postal Parcel Service and have three different flat rate sizes up to a max. weight of 31.5 kg at rates of

 9.95 EUR excl. VAT / 11.94 EUR incl. 20% VAT
14.95 EUR excl. VAT / 17.94 EUR incl. 20% VAT
19.95 EUR excl. VAT / 23.94 EUR incl. 20% VAT

with the largest being suitable for a 50L MilkCan with stand and additional stuff, which is not bad at all considering that we are mostly dealing with quite heavy deliveries. All of our parcels are automatically insured up to a value of 510 EUR without surcharge.

How much does shipping cost for exports outside the European Union?

Shipping to any destination outside the European Union is calculated by weight and destination zone, which has to be done individually on each delivery assembly.

Can prices of StillDragon Europe be compared to the ones for North America?

No, they can't. Although we strive to get close it's just not possible. Europe is facing a completely different market situation and you have to understand that it is simply impossible for any company here in Europe to offer the same prices as in the United States. Based on proper cost calculation we offer at the best prices possible. Our goal is to provide the very best service and representation of StillDragon here in our region, and so far we are on the right track according to feedback from our customers.

When will the new ProCap36 items be available in Europe?

All the new items, including the ProCap36 parts, are already available from stock with the Crystal Baby Dragon expected to be available soon.

If there is anything else I can help you with in the meantime, please don't hesitate to ask by e-mail.

This announcement will be updated accordingly.

Best regards,

IEng Michael Sperandio
General Manager of StillDragon Europe

StillDragon Europe is a business of Sperandio Limited Partnership

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StillDragon Europe - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Europe & the surrounding area

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