Moscca´s cooling on the Dash 1


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  • Thats a lovely set up very inspirational i just love the way the cooling line manifold is set up one day when i have the room i will try and set something up like this

    will the breather work if it was fitted inline so i dont have to add welded fitting to the dephlag?

  • I saw somebody who did it, but it didn't work out for me. The water an the escaping air have to go through the same pipe. If you run it really slowly and the diameter of the pipe is not to small maybe it will work, Thats why it put the nippel.


  • Very nice Moscca. I'm with cooperville on this - neat & tidy with the hoses out of the way, and plenty of room around your boiler.

  • damn, my pipes just hang down with all the weight of the pipe on the quick connect, causing it to leak ...

  • Well gents I have purchased the same breather as Mossca and will be setting it up inline ( hopefully it works )

    Cooling water going in at the bottom and coming out at the top of dephlag I'm hoping this will make my cooling water at the top of the column a lot more consistent

    I have been thinking that without it there is a fair ol gap of air in the void space that's just not used and I can probably get a lot more control

  • What does everyone else think ??

  • I think it's a great idea, but I couldn't bring myself to drill a hole in the side of my dephlegm [-( (not for a while at least)

  • Philter I'm not planning on doing any drilling just going to set it up in line at this stage To be honest I wouldn't know where to get I welded if I needed to

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    Couldn't you do the same thing with an upward facing tee or Y screwed into the top of the reflux condensor pointing upwards with a valve at the top? Just fill slowly from the top till water comes out the top valve in a consistent stream with no bubbles (bottom valve shut) and then close the top valve on the branch.

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  • Looks really good Mo. A couple of PC38Ls on the defleg and oriented back toward your manifold would give just a bit more svelt if you see my meaning? But you have a tidy set up no matter.

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    Just changed my needle valve for this flow control from Tokyo. Gave it a try andi think it will not be fine enough. The min setting is 450 ml/min. The meauring starts on 600 ml/min and that I think wil not be fine enough as I see the stream. Still looking for a more precise flow control !!

    @punkin, I tried with a T and slow filling, but this works better. You can fill more the headspace in the dephl.

    @Smaug, PC38Ls ... ??? svelt ??? I will googel it but can you explain an bit more please ?

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    @moscca said: PC38Ls ... ??? svelt ??? I will googel it but can you explain an bit more please ?

    Sorry, PC38Ls are a 90 degree push connect fitting. Using them would allow you to aim the hose directly at your manifold and perhaps that would allow for a shorter length of hose back to the manifold... But it's really not that big of a deal......your set up is clean and tight,,,,,,it is svelt enough already :-c

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  • Okey,I thought also on that, but i didn't had them and ordering them alone is pricy. This is still not my final setup, it will sure change as i got more experiance. If somebody knows of a water flow valve with a really fine tuning, please let me know !


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