Copper Pot Still vs. Stainless Steel Pot Still

So today I ran my pot stills out the farm. I was very excited to run 2 pot stills side by side to see the difference between the 2. First thing I did was I took two 50lt rum wash's and mix them both in a 100lt drum so I had the same stuff in each of my stills if cach me driff. Sadly my 2 burners are of different size so I could not compare heat up times. But once they both where at running temps I quickly adjusted the the flow so I had em filling a 500ml jar less then 2 seconds apart.
The hole point of running the 2 still was to see if there would be any differences in what came out the end and let me tell you there was a huge difference between the 2. The copper pot smelt pretty dam good even for a stripping run but the SS still stunk of rotten eggs aka sulfur and I still cant get the smell out me nose.

This leads me to my questions.
This would be because my copper pot takes out all the sulfur.
Do you think it will air out?
Do you think I should just mix it all together and run it back in the copper pot?


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  • No smell just has to be better than the other. But as for "just a stripping run" l have no idea or thoughts except l would go the copper ? OR simply introduce-add some copper to the ss unit.? I use a 500 mm copper extension on my dash unit, but only on a spirit run. Either way I've not had the bad smell or sulfur come through. Fadge

  • Thanks for your imput Fadge I think your right I might have to change the extention out for a copper one

  • A few copper scrubbies shoved inside or some copper pipe offcuts would work ok too. I have a copper section as an extension arm, but i'd be happy with copper offcuts of 1/2" pipe if i didn't.

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  • Thanks I might try some copper scrubers shoved up its clacker first but the smell also clears from my rum. 2014 vintage is well on its way one more day and all the stilling will be done then time to add some oak and let it sit for a year.

  • Yeah i have to do rum. Haven't done it for 3 years or so and running (ran) out. Meant to do it over the summer, but the best laid plans and all...

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    @punkin I just brought home my 2013 vintage rum all 25lt of it at 65%. I my self drink it like that with coke just dont put as much in its very nice. I got my whiskey buff mate who hates rum only drinks whiskey and no mix in it drinking it when he comes around.

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