Rice Hull Bulk Buy

Hi brewers. I am embarking on a journey to create a wheat beer as good as my favourite Franziskaner. http://brewadelaide.com/forum/index.php?topic=1984.0

Therefore at 70% odd wheat i'm pretty sure i'll need some rice hulls. Trouble i have is that although they are very cheap ($60 something fun tickets) through my local feed store, they will only sell me a wool bale full (125kgs) when i am after a chaff bag full (25kgs or so). Too expensive to ship.

Just wondering if there's any brewers close to Tamworth NSW or between here and the central coast that would be interested in sharing some of these (or most of them) as i have no room to store this sort of bulk and will only use a half bucket per quad batch. I'll be heading to the central coast this w'end (probably too soon to get them though) and then again in 43 days when i'm off to Koh Samui.

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