Best whiskey in the world

Tassie whisky named world's best single malt

Tasmanian distillery Sullivan's Cove has been named the world's best single malt whisky at the World Whiskies Award held on Thursday night in London.



  • Kudos Australia!

    ...Australia, it ain't just marsupials anymore. There's shrimp the size of lobsters on the barbie and World Class Booze to wash it down. What's not to like?!

  • Its an if you don't mind being ruled by a bunch of monkeys..

    Yay for Tasmania.. Awesome little state that one, and it just got a wee bit better taking the whisky crown from tae Scots.

  • Always more than meets the eye, I figure the Scots pissed someone off bigtime and this is just retaliation. After all, Tasmania? How better to punish a Scot? :))

  • Send him there in a leaky boat? :)

  • edited March 2014

    Well done any way you look at it. I posted some video the other day on Artisan of Jim Murray talking us up. Not sure if i posted it here or not?

    The Whisky Critic @ ABC News

    Influential whisky critic Jim Murray is impressed with the quality of the Tasmanian drop.

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