Flu Season Again?

Recovering now from an almost paralyzing flu. Paralyzing in that I had no energy to move for a day and a half.
It started a little less than two days after returning from Hong Kong so I had ample opportunity to catch the bug.
The first sign was a slight fever that quickly got worse and worse. Then the headache and coughing began.
Within 6 hours I went from feeling OK to the verge of having hallucinations.

Tan rushed me to the nearby clinic hospital that knew exactly what to do. After checking my temperature and a few quick question:
Headache? Yes
Burning up? Yes Coughing but not spitting up? Yes
Came on quickly? Yes

Three days of treatment with 3 to 4 bottles or bags of IV fluid each day over about 2 hours each session. After the first bottle my fever broke and I began to sweat, profusely. Went home and went to bed and couldn't get up except to pee. Laid out for 36 hours so had to start the treatment over.
By now, Tan has started coughing so she is getting the treatment as well.

I'm much better now, remarkably so, and Tan was spared the brunt of the disease by early treatment.

Be warned guys, this is a nasty little bug. And if you can get cough syrup with codeine it will save you a lot of pain.
The first day they gave me some kind of berry juice syrup that did nothing. I coughed so hard and long my ribs ached and my head was set to explode so they finally gave me the codeine. Within minutes the coughing was almost completely gone and within hours I could begin to take deep breaths again without bursting into another coughing fit.

You really want to get out ahead on this one, don't be macho. I've described the signs as best as I can so if you or someone you care for begin to experience these symptoms, especially the onset of a fast rising fever, seek medical attention quickly.

A high fever can kill brain cells and I need all that I have - both of them.


  • Sounds serious, glad you made it through. I've also been struck by a pretty nasty disease. Doc said it's going around here right now, must have got it from kids Kindergarten. No medicine that helps. Really painful headache, can barely sit in front of my computer right now. Should go back to bed.

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  • Mate i had something similar the other week and faired okay.

    Me mate got it on friday and is in hospital at the moment with the IV fluid. It is a shit one so make sure you get on top of it fellas

  • That's great you shared. My buddies wife is a doctor and she says the flu generally starts in the Southern Hemisphere and then moves to the northern so medicine is good at figuring out the flu vaccine in time for the northern hemispheres flu season. So that let's the north know there is a nasty one coming there way and the vaccine may be in order. Best to you and Tan, and glad your health is on the mend.

  • What a difference a few days can make, @Grudaire. From zombie to back to normal.
    It might have been much different without early medical intervention.

  • Glad to hear you and Tan are better..

    I hear tell there's an ugly flu up in Missouri, a number of my Facial Book friends are severely ill from it. Down here in Texas we always see some sort of nasal rot whenever the prevailing winds reverse.... Vaccines are a must around here....Esp. for those heathen like myself that consume tobacco products... I have to run to the doctor the moment I start getting sick or it'll be pneumonia by the next morning...

    Anyhow, I am glad to see you are better.

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  • @Distillitrak do you use a spittoon? This aussie boy imagines all Texans to chew tobacco and wrestle cattle :)

    @Lloyd glad you are ok captain.

  • @cunnyfunt - Nah sah, I still "inhale".. but a lot of the fella's my age around here do chew an spit, and yes, I do have spittoons (ole' coffee cans) in the music barn (Where we jam) for 'em... As to what we do wif our wimmen("wraslin' cattle"), Mate.. We take what we can get ;)

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  • Went and had my shots yesterday, hopefully that will prevent it,

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