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Spam, and its not in a can

Am I the only one that is getting lots of pop up's from the StillDragon website. I cant find any thing on my PC???? Someone please tell me its not just me.


  • Its you. Did you download anything recently? A program upgradeor something?

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  • I've never seen a pop up on any SD site. Come to think of it, it's been a very long time since I've seen a pop up on any site anywhere. Been running Chrome and Firefox browsers exclusively for a long time though. Are you using Internet Explorer?

  • Download "MalwareBytes" and give it a run. It's free and effective.

    Sounds like you've picked up some spyware somewhere is all.

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  • Anyone using Google chrome, you need to add the extension "Adblock" after that you'll never look back. It blocks any and all ad's on all webpages, saves some bandwidth and helps pages load faster! Its a free service, but it works so well you will donate like i did.

  • Yes adblock is good for ads.

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  • I get zero popups here. spyware I bet. Download Microsoft security Essientials and do you a scan. CC cleaner works good to clear open stuffs also. Avast is another that works with the other 2. All are free

  • Yep I found it it was on a usb stick a mate gave me with some movies on it. I use Microsoft security Essientals. Its a grate program when you let it run it's full scan.
    I hope you all did not think I was making accusations about the forum it was just a question. If I used more web sites I probly would have relised it was not jus this web site that was being affected.

    Thanks Drunkas

  • Great to know we are your favorite!!!

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    Our forum is running 100% free of any advertisements, no pop-ups, no AdSense, no external content providers, no cross-site anything. The forum does even work properly with JavaScript blocked or turned off in your browser (although it is not advisable for browsing comfort).

    Our forum works with any web browser, be in on a PC, Mac, laptop, netbook, tablet, mobile phone or any other mobile device, and even has it's own simplified mobile template for use on mobile devices with a low display resolution.

    My recommended web browser is Mozilla Firefox with some essential add-ons (like AdBlock Edge, NoScript & BetterPrivacy). Not being a fan of Google I can not recommend the Google Chrome browser as it's proprietary software, but the open source version called Chromium.

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