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Best place to buy Food Grade Molasses around Bundaberg area / Australia

I have a work colleague traveling from Melbourne to Bundaberg, and has kindly offered to pick some up locally, and bring it back for me.

Does anyone know of a good outlet to purchase bulk Food Grade Molasses. It doesn't look like Bundysugar sell from their refinery to the public.

He has room for 80 - 100L and won't be charging me freight :))

I'm more interested in the unsulphured stuff.


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    @philter, AFAIK most sugar refineries don't sell to the public. My father in law is a farmer & he had to enter a ballot each year to see if he could get a quota.

    I have posted the below on Artisan some time ago. They (Brandon Molasses) supply bulk molasses as well as in 25 kg pails and 250 kg drums.

    I just checked - their web site is still going - prices may have moved....They were charging
    pails - $31 / 25kg
    drums - $155 / 250kg

    7-19 Coulson Street Erskineville, 2043 Sydney
    Ph: +61 2 9519 8840
    Fax: +61 2 9519 4006

    80 MacKenzie Road Footscray, 3011 Melbourne
    Ph: +61 3 9687 6641
    Fax: +61 3 9687 1788

  • Last 44gal drum I purchased was $150 from my local stock feed place.

  • @philter, try calling bundy sugar direct & simply ask em. Worst case they will say no, ok case is they can point you to a distributor down your way; best case they say yeah sure, how much do you want?

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    Only place I could think of is the issis sugar mill at Childers.
    I get my Bundy refinery molasses from merchant Australia. 24 west gate dive Altona north vi c . 99316666.
    $19 for 14kg drums. Very nice stuff and makes a beautiful rum, been using it for over a year now. They have fermex yeast too, same as lowman's, $2.70 for 500g. And all different sugars, syrups ect.

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    Forgot to add this, this dude is very nice and will tell you where to get it close to your area.
    Tony Lansdown QUALITY SALES LINK 7 Frank Street Box Hill South VIC 3128 Ph: (03) 9888 7077 Fax: (03) 9888 7297 Email:


  • Tap a hole in the pipe that goes from the refinery to the distillery! and bring me back some too! ~1Ton should see me out

  • Forgot to add - I dunno if they sell direct or only in bulk. Also dunno if it is sulphured or not

  • Last one i got was free :)) Still got half of it.

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    @punkin said: Last one i got was free :)) Still got half of it.

    all ways one smart arse =))

  • @Drunkas, get used it it. For quite a few years I've marveled at Punkin's ability to score free fermentables.
    Another forum has a "What did you get for free" thread and he usually had everyone else beat.

    No idea how he does it.

  • Lost a lot of my contacts nowadays working from home. Just working through my last 100kg of free dextrose on my current series of UJSM. Will have to go back to buying bags of raw sugar soon if i can't wangle more.

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • Thanks for the suggestions guys :D @crozdog thanks for the link, but from the pics on their website; it's stock feed grade (nice price though).

    I can get stock feed grade molasses locally, but due to the opportunity of free freight from Bundaberg, I thought I was onto a real winner!

    Another option for me is to buy 25kg bags of brown sugar (I can get them cheapish), and mix that with the stock feed grade molasses. Thanks to @Law_Of_Ohms who helped me out earlier with a few pails of the sulphured stuff, and that made some excellent product.

    Bulk food grade unsulphered molasses for a fair price is as rare as rocking horse shit.

  • Thanks @Googe, it gives me another source to try. My bakery contact (owns several) didn't have any listings with his distributors, so a few phone calls are in order.......

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