Operating the Bubble Caps Question

Most everyone knows me (even if they won't admit it, hehe) but I pot still and never really had an interest in reflux types.
But I saw the bubble cap and thought, hey, add that on top of a pot still and raise the ABV a bit.. then I saw the dephlagmator and realized you guys do the "full reflux" thing and then take off your alcohol.

So..is there a step-by-step on how to run a bubble cap still? Or secondly, could I run a couple bubble caps in pot still mode just to raise the ABV or am I out to lunch?

Just can't see myself running a still for 4-8hr's straight. I like to fill/run/breakdown and then do other stuff. (mixing/cleaning/etc.)



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    For a quick start we have the fabulous

    StillDragon Dash Operation Manual

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  • Yep the Manual goes through it comprehensively GB. You can use a couple of plates with natural reflux if you have a large copper column, but it's not AS effective. You could put two torpedo's a 2"baby reflux condensor and your pot still on top for a unit that would be about equivalent to a thumper.

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  • Thanks guys, I was having a "hmm, I wonder if" moment. Never thought to look for it under "operations manual", that's too obvious. :) So on top of a pot, the plates would cause some reflux but to act as it's designed, you need a deflag to induce reflux and load the plates. Interesting...not sure if I want to go there yet. I'm pretty old school and all-grain and a pot still seems pretty darn good to me. Course it never hurts to try something new I supposed.

    One last question, what would the difference be, or what would the purpose of a bubble cap compared to a VM or LM, boka, whatever else type of reflux style there is? Is one more efficient than the other or in the end they all do the same just some are faster?

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    Hi GB,

    I would say that the bubble cap is less efficient. And as a pot stiller this should be a bit more appealing since pot stillers are trying to exploit the inefficiencies of their equipment. Also I'm sure you remember that lots of them fellers are loosely packing or using a short packed column for flavor too.

    A couple of plates with forced reflux will elongate your heart cut. Give you more yield.

    Usge say's if you want good complexity ya gotta put it up dirty. Thats what the pot still is for. The plates can give you some pretty good drink me now yield and I bet with some counter strategy you can learn to make some dirty likker too?

    Two plates will never strip out your flavor.

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  • Thanks Smaug, I'm thinking a couple of bubble caps would be a neat thing to try. I read the manual and think even a putz like me can figger that out! I'm going to watch some more video's of bubble caps, interested..not commited yet..but very interested.

    Thanks guys

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