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The Glass Enclosed Parrot

This discussion was created from comments split from: Multiple Columns with Drainbacks.
@CothermanDistilling said: ... and the glass enclosed parrot is really nice and I am sure would make my fire marshal happier ;-)
@Lloyd said: ... I know my day is coming to have to figure out a glass enclosed parrot but I have successfully put that off for a long time... hoping to continue for some time more.
Typical example of a glass enclosed parrot in a small sealed commercial distillery:


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    +1 for the glass enclosed parrot!

    Some need it because of legal issues ("sealed distilleries"), some for fire department allowance, and the rest should use it either because it looks cool & professional or because it helps (kind of) prevent drinking directly from the still... ;)

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  • OK, lets 'crowd source' a glass parrot.. :-)

  • +1 for the enclosed parrot - but need to work out how to connect to a sealed receiving vessel. Parrot behind glass is silly if it just spills out the bottom.

    Wouldn't this be considered a "spirit safe"?

  • notice how the one in the pic has a tamper proof seal

  • .don't need a 'sealed receiving vessel', just a vent on it that is flame proof... could be porous metal/ceramic, or an airlock... the surge breaker would also need to be vented to this...

  • Here are some more pics of the Kothe:




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  • thanks for the pics!

    It is what you make it!

  • Had parrot under glass once tasted a little feathery....

  • I wish i would have grabbed a picture of it, but the idea i saw was pretty cool. For the outer tube, the one that inner tube overflows into, was an upward facing tri-clamp fitting. Since tri-clamp is standard procedure for still dragon users this would fit the bill! Perhaps you could have a glass dome that would fit the inner or outer diameter of the standard ferrule and epoxy it together, or make it replaceable for us fat fingered members. It could even be acrylic since in a perfect world it would never touch high proof alcohol and be more drop resistant.

  • ^^^^^ Exactly! Non ribbed please.... a hydrometer is hard enough to read as it is!

  • maybe just make the overflow ring out of an upside down mason jar lid ;-)

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    or get a dome from an explosion proof light like this


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    @FullySilenced said: or get a dome from an explosion proof light like this


    I like that threaded glass.

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  • what, you don't like this upside down on your parrot???


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  • image

    Sealed Parrot mockup.png
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  • I want to revive this, we need to get an enclosed parrot in the lineup.

    I think it should be lightweight, thin stainless, but still have the 3/4" TC fittings, and use a glass dome that is thinner than the CDs use, more like a gas lantern... it needs a 3rd TC for a vent....

  • Oh, and have the spout be a TC connected piece too, so we can have it connected directly to a container to make the fire marshall happy that it is a 'closed system'..

  • There was some discussion about a larger sealed parrot as part of the 12" CD thread. Punkin came up with an interesting modular design.

  • image

    glass parrot housing.png
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  • image

    glass parrot housing2.png
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  • Need to add a port for an inline Thermo Probe. In a pro setup you will want to be able to monitor the temp of the distillate so you can adjust the reading of the alcometer on the fly. Just add a 1/2npt port on the pipe between the drain valve and the bottom of the tube for the alcometer.

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    glass parrot housing2.png
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  • You could go there. But I was thinking here. As close to the Alcometer as possible but yet not in the way for the alcometer to hit.


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  • There is an argument supporting using a T at the bottom of the hydrometer reservoir. If you do this you can insert the thermo probe directly underneath the hydrometer. It stops the hydrometer touching the bottom of the reservoir - possible breakage or sticking issues. What are your views on introducing a bit of mesh type packing into the base of the reservoir to prevent breakages?

  • I have a small wad of SS scrubby in the bottom of my parrot to stop the hydro from sticking to the bottom.

  • Every now and then someone mentions the potential for incorrect readings due to the flow rate through the reservoir pushing up the hydrometer. Now it seems to me that on the big stills they don't seem to be concerned about this. Is this just another popular myth? OK in theory I can see it is possible, and perhaps with one of the very accurate (reduced scale) hydrometers it might be an issue. On the Kothe still illustrated above there is even a retaining ring on the hydrometer stem and this could (potentially) be more of an issue than the flow rate - so I suspect this is nothing to worry about.

    At some point I may connect a parrot up to a water supply and vary the flow rate to see if I can get a false reading, but I suspect it will make no difference until the flow rate is very high indeed.

    I do like the idea of one of these glass enclosed parrot's for my own still.

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  • glass tube on the inside, you can just see it... modular glass parrot?

  • image

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