Sorry guys

After researching the availability of power plugs and sockets for the US market. I have decided that it is not practical for me to build for this market as the shipping cost will be excessive. Thanks for all of the guys who enquired for me to build for them.



  • Well that takes me out of the picture but sure glad you are here, and hope I can still ask for your advise.

  • I still think the customer can put their own plug ends on to match their sockets.

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    Its not just a matter of plugs and sockets @Lloyd, the supply systems are different too. Down under 99% of properties are on 3 wire single phase 240v with ampage varying from 10 amps to 20 amps, commercial installations can be 3 phase 4 wire. Compared with USA which is 110 volts 3 wire or 220 volts 4 wire installations. For me to test or setup a panel prior to shipping would be near impossible without a set of variable volt power supplies.

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