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Power Plug Socket Requirement

edited January 2014 in Accessories

I have received a few enquiries from our cousins in USA to build panels, while I am fully conversant with the required standard for Australia, I am not familiar with industrial type plugs and sockets for USA. Can someone point me in the right direction for this?

This is what I am currently supplying for Australia:


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    That's a complicated question. And one that doesn't have any easy answer.

    You'll want to use a NEMA standard twist lock connector for most stuff here in the States. However, I'm sure some people are using Dryer plugs for they're setup and that's a totally different standard with 2 different common options, and some other more rare ones.

    You'll also need to know whether they're running single or 3 phase, and whether they're on 120v, or 220/240v.

    Too many variables here to be able to standardize unfortunately.

    Got someone in mind? Maybe you can ask them what power they have available?

  • I'd let them put their own ends on, most are easy to get at the local Home Depot.

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    I use L6-30 plug ends


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  • L6-30 only works for some configurations though, and in reality doesn't meet electrical code in many parts of the country.

    Disclaimer: I'm using an L6-30, but I know it doesn't meet code where I'm at.

    Also, if plugging into a dryer outlet, it'll be different.

    Not trying to argue, just don't want him to spec one plug when someone might be looking for something else. Especially if they want it to be up to code.

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    I believe L14-30 is appropriate in many configurations that require a separate neutral/ground setup for 220/240.

    Edit: if it's up to a 30amp connector

  • I'm fairly sure I'm using L14-30 but I'd need to double check.

  • @Duck0fDeath said: I use L6-30 plug ends


    Same here! been going with these for 2 yrs!

    It is what you make it!

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    @bentstick said: Same here! been going with these for 2 yrs!

    Bout 4 years here I think.

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  • use L6-30 for power to the elements from the panel, where you do not need a neutral, but for power to the panel, I use a 14-50P to plug into a US Range/dryer, and a CS6364 end at the actual panel. This is really one of the best, if not the best solutions for non-hardwired systems, as the availability of these for generator power cords for houses and for roadie equipment.


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