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    @Rocky_Creek, it is generally no good idea to just post a link to another site or forum without any context, as it looks like advertisement this way.

    ADI, AD, HD, MD are all well known other distilling forums, so there should be no need to provide a general link to their main-page.

    We are very tolerant here, and I see no need for moderation or deletion, as it's done on every other forum vigorously, so this is just an advice. Referring to any other source or forum thread on the Internet is completely OK here if done in a discussion and the provided link leads to more on-topic information.

    You can be 100% sure that if you would have posted such a comment with a link to our forum to any other forum, it would have been deleted and you would most likely have been banned for spamming.

    It is a matter of concern for us, because we have way more outgoing links to other forums than incoming, which is quite a factor for search engine listing.

    BTW We have quite some pro knowledge here as well.

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  • Well if someone wants to delete it fine with me. No insult intended.

  • @Rocky_Creek, no worries, I may have been a little grumpy today in the morning when I wrote that lengthy comment, I probably should have drunk my coffee first.

    As said, we are a very civilized community here, there is barely any moderation needed at all, no deleting or censoring either. If it is for the greater good, even posting links that way is fine as well.

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  • Ain't no thing, @Rocky_Creek. Like @Moonshine said we are an easy bunch here.
    Please post whatever you like and we appreciate your contributions even if the other forums don't care to reciprocate links.
    It's true that other forums break or delete links to other websites and forums and as Moonshine points out we don't do that - even at the cost of lower search engine results. More out links than in links is a bad thing for search engines but we figure within reason the potential customers will find us by the major engines anyway... hopefully.
    He is just doing his job. Keeping us aware of the net stuff that most of us don't need to or want to deal with.

    Truthfully, if I had his job I couldn't find the time to do mine. The big truth is StillDragon would not have a forum home without Moonshine.
    He stays mostly in the background but he is more important than you think. He makes all this work and for the user it seems effortless.

    (I say such sweet things about anyone they should pay me so looking in my mailbox for $20 @Moonshine :D )

  • Who knows, Moonshine could be a robot! Or maybe not a single person! How else could he have an eye on the forum at all times. :-?

    We are Moonshine! >:)

    Human After All (wait, that's Daft Punk)

    Well, one should not drink too much coffee either ... heh

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  • I for one welcome our new overlords at the ADI...

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