Custom Gaskets?

Hello everyone, Does anybody know where to find gaskets for off size boilers. My unit is an 8 gallon stockpot with a 16 inch lid. I have been useing flour paste for a while but would really like to switch to a gasket on this new unit. Thanks for any help with this



  • Purely speaking without any experience in custom gaskets. But if I wanted an off size gasket, I would coat the ferrules in a mineral oil and using a caulking gun and a quality silicone, seat the two together nice and loose in a bed of silicon and let it dry. It should separate after it had dried.

  • @mister406, I get a lot of custom gaskets made but the first one, because of the custom injection mold, is hundreds of dollars.

    The best homemade solution that I've seen is to use a router to create the necessary groove in wood - because yours is so big you may need to use plywood - and wax or oil the newly created mold. Add the food grade silicone gel, screed level and let cure. I like the red stuff (high temp) because it seems to release from the mold easier.
    Dust with talc or lightly oil the surface of the side that you want to release from your pot because a newly made gasket can be sticky.

    If the package directions say "cures in 24 hours", in my experience, you should at least double it, probably because the gasket will be thicker than the manufacturer had envisioned for the product's use.

    In reality, all gaskets are custom made because a mold can create only one gasket. If you are lucky it is stocked somewhere because there is enough demand but a 16" gasket will be very hard to find. If you own the mold then you can make quick, easy and cheap copies.

    If you do as @cunnyfunt says then only the edges will be exposed to the air and it will take a long time to cure, I know from experience. Adding heat does not seem to help much with the cure time.

    Cutting a circle out of a big, thick sheet of silicone mat is a possibility but I'm sure it will be expensive and wasteful because you get only one big gasket out of a very large sheet.

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    silicone baking sheet anyone?


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    Very carefully slit the appropriate silicone tubing and spread it over the edge of the pot. Then you only have to worry about where the ends butt. Seal that with RTV.

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  • RTV butt sealer eh.... :))

  • Super glue maybe?

  • Ya know I almost ex'd the term butt, but, I figured no one would make me the butt of the joke. But, I was wrong...

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