Questions about SD Digital Display Thermometers


I want to build a simple DIY controller and upgrade to a larger box and add thermometers to the box. It appears from the pictures that the displays can be panel mounted. Are the probe ends hard wired to the display?

I would like to be able to remove the probes and leads when not in use. It also states that the probes can be updated to higher quality probes. Does anybody have a information or a link to see what type of probes are available?

This makes me believe that they plug in. I would like the probes to plug into the outside of the control box. Can these leads be cut to add some sort of pass through connection on the box?

Any help would be appreciated. I have no experience with this type of thermometer.


  • The thermometers that I got are not the best but do the job for sure and you will need to replace batteries once the supplied ones are done the sensor is not detachable but you could run it though a whole no problems There are plenty of good/better thermos digital out there if you wanted to upgrade to something more custom I know SD supply those thermos to keep the price down for the new SD owners Like I said they are a starting point and hen you can move on from them if you choose to I know auburns has sensor detachable options if they would suit you needs I don't know I use one on my herms system and it's real sweet Cost me a bit though

  • As Coops said, the temp probes we supply are cheapies and not really suited to mounting in an expensive control box. We suggest sorcing something a little more high end for that application.

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  • I am using these in my panel for basic Temp readings with PT100 RTD Temp Sensors. Down side is they are not able to be calibrated. From my quick test they appear to be off by about .5 - 1 degree C. I need to do a boiling water test on them to see how far off 100C they are reading in boiling water.

    These ones are C and run off 24v DC. But they do have other ones for F Display and 12VDC or 120V AC power.

    Digital DC Temperature Meter For RTD PT100 Temperature Sensors (C / 24VDC)

  • RDD did you build yours to unplug from the control panel? If so do you have a source for the plugs?

  • The RTD PT100 use 3 wires. So I am using 3 wire Microphone Jacks.

    These for the panel side and these for the probe side.

  • That's what I use for my sensors. You can also use Canon plugs for a lock in type plug.


  • Awesome....Thank you!

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