Coolant Supply

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Not sure how many of you this will apply to but here you go. Do you have 2 stills but only use 1 at a time? I am in that situation and I used to run all my condensers independently with ON/OFF valves in the supply lines and flow control valves in the return lines.

I have simplified this a bit and now have a valve configuration sorted out that both provides the supply to the appropriate condenser, and also drains down the condensers that are not in use. Just in case it is of any use or interest here it is. It just uses simple 3 way valves, with gate valves for flow control. All the valves are now in the supply lines.


coolant 3 ways.jpg
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  • @Myles I get it. Could also be configured for those that run 2 stills at the same time.
    One still for stripping (your pot still) and one still for spirits (your reflux still).

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