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Hey guys

So this evening I managed to leave the house for some dinner with some family friends

I took a couple of home brew beers and a bottle of UJ and a bottle of Franks scotch

Now I didn't say much through out the night we had the beer and everyone was happy

Then our friend said would you like some Cognac and as you do you accept

He came back with the unfortunate reply that there was no more Cognac

OK well shall we try my Whiskey .... Sure .....

Well I poured him a glass and he was blown away

Suddenly he poured a red and a black Johnny and was comparing the three

Although I had set the ABV at 55% earlier that day

The response was more than accepting he could almost not believe that I had created a Liquid with such a high standard

I showed him one of my videos on YouTube and he was just amazed with the quality and effort That had been used to get the quality he was currently facing

Put a smile on my dial and he really thinks I should start a company or something Although this will never happen its really nice to know the hooch at my place is better than the hooch at Johnny's place

Bloody good day for me makes me proud

Thanks Frank wish you could read this

This was my first attempt at this recipe and I have a few things I will change

  • It 12 months old
  • 25 kg of light extract
  • Stripped
  • Slow 4 plate run with 1 cup of Scottish peat extract added at this time
  • Aged on 2 UJ charred dominoes and 2 charred oak dominoes
  • Total volume close to 10 liter @ 85abv
  • I took from 89 to 45% from the dash 1 config

A lot of fun



  • That was the MOST enjoyable read that I've had in a very long time.
    Thanks @cooperville and congratulations on producing yet another great product.

    It is always nice when others appreciate your efforts but ultimately it is YOU that you must satisfy. If you do that it always seems that others will be happy too.

    Trust yourself, be painfully honest, and other people will appreciate your efforts! Cudos to you for a job well done.

    ***forwarding my address for a sample :)

  • Well done Coops, good on ya. It's great when that realization comes. Whether it be from a maye who will not drink 'home brew' spirits who makes a very loud exception to all but your own spirit. Or whether it's a mates girlfriend who'd rather buy her own Bacardi than drink 'that moonshine shit' suddenly tryig yours and changing her opinion to the point that she keeps the bottle you gave her for xmas and b'days and stuff in case she runs out.

    The scotch recipe and method that Frank published was passed onto Frank by me though BTW, it was developed by my neighbours boss over consideration, reading and observatoin and he has product put away for a 25 year time frame. B-) b-(

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • Makes me want to taste @cooperville's likker as well right now! :-bd

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  • edited November 2013

    Sorry I didnt know Punkin

    Well now I do thank you for sharing it For about 6 months i didnt think much of it but it has certainly matured well A 25 yr bottle would be amazing :D

  • edited November 2013

    No worries. Frank picked my brain but I don't know anything worth knowing about scotch. I did have a customer I'd built a potstill for three years before that for his specific mission of making some of the fine scotch whiskey he liked to buy. His aim was to end up with a high quality spirit and do some long term ageing, I had put him in touch worth Harry and I'd get a report from the neighbour now and then to say he'd bought another barrel or somesuch.

    I knew he was the private type who drove interstate to pick up bulk buys of smoked malt etc rather than have records floating around, and that while he surfed the forums now and then (Hi S) he never registered our posted, so I agreed to act as middleman between him and Frank.

    He was happy to share his work so long as he wasn't identified.

    The distilling world was the winner and he now has enough sipping whiskey put away to last him and his lady into his golden years.

    A great story really. edited from phone to readable.

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • edited November 2013

    That really is the icing on the "distilling" cake there @cooperville. Congrats on your success, and taking the time to post your efforts. There's nothing better than someone who enjoys your product as much/more than you do :P

    I finally have a little FSW aging, but it's too young yet. I too am very grateful to the "anonymous creator" of this recipe and the selfless sharing for the whole community. =D>

  • @punkin, distilling should be taught to all 25 to 30 year old people so when they get to be our age they have 25 year old booze to enjoy.
    Let's see, if I set some back now to age for 25 years...
    Oh no! I'll be in my 80's and probably be wearing a diaper and playing Simon Says in the old folk's home drooling out the corner of my mouth.

    Should have started sooner.

    "Put you right foot in, put your right foot out, do the Hokie Pokie and shake it all about". (Just practicing).

  • this calculation was on my mind also but im guessing i have a few extra yrs on most of the boys around here :ar!

  • Nice write up Coops,kind of gives ya a warm feeling to get such review on your work! :-c

    It is what you make it!

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