New Column Design

What do you think of this type of drawing:


I think that this gives a very long distance for the return liquid to travel before it can go down to the next level. And it can be done from a sheet and a folding machine / press brake.

But now I have been drinking some whiskey also ... ;-) so maybe tomorrow this isn't so good ....


800 x 605 - 46K


  • how you ganna fold it? it can be in two halfs and welded...

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    I just work in copper! And you can have a whole page in the back loose and hard soldering this plate in judgment 3pc other sides from behind and then braze the last tape in the back from both the back and the plate through the large 100mm sight glass which also mounts all bubbelcaps by ...

    or you can make the column itself completely finished with all sight glass holes busy and solder the plates through these large 100mm sight glass hole and before that you can drill 4pc small hole and put in something there so the plate can rest on that when you hard solder the plate and heating it from outside and put the copper hardsolder in by/throu the sightglasshole, no problem a think ...

    Imagination has no limits ...


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