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New distillery in Fiji

Good morning folks!

quick about me... moved to Fiji from USA and started a corporation here. Many irons/projects in the fire but primarily working on a distillery here. the process is well under way and we have some VERY basic equipment (enough to show proof of viability of the enterprise). once we are licenced and operational we will be looking at getting some small scale production equipment sent over and set up and will go into full production of an estimated 1400 bottles a month to start.

I've been reading voraciously for over a year now and finally started actually DOING some things. learning quickly tho and listening to your experiences and successes and failures. the way I figure it I should be able to do some great things standing on the shoulders of some of the giants here. I want to sincerely thank those of you who have documented your efforts on the various distilling forums, you have been a great help and inspiration to me and have really ignited my passion for this vocation.

There are still some gaps in my basic knowledge so I'll ask some patience if I have stupid questions. please know that I have at least tried to find the answer before I ask it.


  • "There are no stupid questions, only some stupid answers" :))

    Everyone shares your excitement and will help in any way that we can.
    So, a distillery in a tropical paradise? Talk about living the dream!

  • No Problem Steve. Ask away.

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  • @Smaug said: No Problem Steve. Ask away.

    heheh... you already got an earful today!! thanks for your help!!

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    Bula Fiji_spirits, I am a kiwi but I consider myself most blessed to have spent a good part of my adult life in Fiji. the sugarcane is there, and a willing labour force and some very thirsty tourists... good luck with your enterprise.

  • One of the problems we run into on a regular basis is getting materials. it has been a challenge even on a small level to get things like even wheat grain to make a malt, much less go actually buy malt. further still, things like yeast food have been a challenge as well. I'm having to get very creative with alternative ingredients even at a premium price.

    we do have lots of sugar and fruit tho and bread yeast is really common at least.

    you know you are out in the sticks when you have to make the raw materials to make the basic ingredients. adds a whole 'nother level to the process and quality control!

    So... they call it paradise (and it IS pretty nice here) but there are a lot of things you have to do without.

  • So what types of product will you have available, vodka, rum, white whiskies? Fruit Brandy, Banana Brandy? All based from local crops... maybe you can make a whiskey using one of the flour recipies rather than using whole grain?

    looking forward to your reply,


    Keep on Nukin... :-c

  • Hadnt seen any flour recipies actually, so thats a new one by me.

    So far the primary plan is to make and infusion based product from a neutral spirit. not sure how it'll come out but it's promising so far.

    as far a local hooch recipies I have been hearing about quite a few, so I may check out some of the more promising ones and see how they measure up.

    Banana would be kinda cool. anyone point me to a receipe of note?

  • You could do some interesting Kava infusions, experiments

  • I'd be interested in banana recipes also.
    Tried dry banana chips in the gin basket and got almost no flavor.
    Tried nuking bananas covered with vodka, lots of flavor but it refused to be filtered. Mixed with a bit of simple syrup and a few drops of vanilla extract it was tasty but cloudy.

  • For what its worth. I've seen a plantation of Vanilla Beans growing on Ovalau island . . . . . think it was owned by the local Mayor; he had exotic fruit too.

  • I supposedly have a very very good resource for some top level kava here. I'd be interestedin messing with it and it's on the schedule.

    I also have a great lady with a vanilla bean plantation.

    I kinda wanna mess with a honey wash/partial honey wash for some flavor elements too. the sugar I'm using produces a low wine that tastes somewhere between a cider and a chardonnay with champagne yeast. If i can get my yeast nutrient sorted I might distill that for some flavor.

    breadfruit will be coming into season here shortly and there will be GOBS of it. it's a starch like a potato almost.

  • Three words for success @Fiji_Spirits Kah lu a (Kahlua for short). Put your own twist on that and you'll be wearing diamonds as big as ice cubes. You got the vanilla sorted, the extra special flavors too, you have a source for great coffee beans?
    Put it all together and call me customer number one.

    Banana tainted Kahlua is touching on ecstasy. Be careful with this. It could cause a minor population explosion.

  • Bula Fiji_Spirits, We're on Taveuni (Fiji) and are looking for some craft spirits to serve at our place Gaiatree Sanctuary , How is your business going? Are you looking for some special ingredients? :)

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  • Hey! Practically neighbors! Pm sent!

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