Bitters Anyone?

I've been working with some local places to make bitters that is "theirs". It is NOT a money maker but gets us in good with them. It's a good way to learn how botanicals behave for when we make other flavored spirits. It's fun but a ton of work. I've was geeking out on them when I came across Darcy O'Neil and making flavorings for soda pop.

Art of Drink @ YouTube

Now I want to make a full on bitters and soda bar. Not that it would actually make money, but hey, we all have passion projects...

Anyone else make bitters? What's your thing? My current project is a lemon bitters with tons of different botanical that have limonene them. Should be a lemon bomb if I can ever get my hands on some lemon myrtle.


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    Closest thing we do a root beer syrup that's an 11 botanical concentrate, we use it in an old fashioned we call "the root of all evil". Pain in the ass, uses questionably legal ingredients (like sassafras), costs a lot to make too. It's one of our top selling cocktails, we've sold thousands of them.

    On a hot day, I'll pour the syrup over ice and add seltzer. It's the best root beer you'll ever drink.

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    Chris @Crittersdistillery is doing bitters. I don't drink it much but it's pretty damn good.


    Little birdie told me he just won best Australian Neutral at the World Vodka Awards too, all on SD gear.

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  • Yeah, those labels are really nice.

    I do soda water and bitters. No appreciable alcohol but wonderful flavor.

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