Whole Corn vs Cracked Corn

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Other than the labor/time involved to grind/crack corn.... Is there an advantage to use whole corn?

I.e., does whole corn contain more goodies?


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    Whole corn will be shelf stable longer than cracked, which is more prone to picking up moisture and spoiling.

    Besides, if you need to mill it anyway, it’s easier to work with whole, as there is less dust and mess. Generally, distillers want more control over the milling to improve batch yield and ensure batch to batch consistency.

  • @grim That was what I was thinking also.

    We have livestock and the bagged cracked corn seems to vary in content ( dirt, dust, cockleburs and other grain) where-as whole corn seems cleaner.

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    @captndiet, I always found I got a lot better yield out of buying cracked corn and then grinding it to a much finer grind, like a light # 2. Here where I live you can get cracked corn that is for poor people and it is nice and clean (that probably sounds shitty but its the truth).

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