Stirring / Agitating / Circulating Wash During Fermentation

Do you stir, agitate or circulate your wash during fermentation?

I normally do 20-30 gallon batches of neutral and rum.

Thanks for the input!


  • I started doing this with our rum after reading Arroyo's work.. I think it really works well for controlling temps in a larger container. I do not think that 20-30gal batch needs it, but a 100gal will benefit.

    Originally performed the process in a 300g plastic conical I recirculated through a SD 2" Product condenser to control temp and it worked. My current setup is 3x 10bbl jacketed fermenters that have the MKII mag drive pumps that recirculate from bottom to top (via side port and silicone hose with stainless ball float) until all molasses additions are done(I pitch on 1.070-80 then add 2 more doses of thinned, pasteurized, settled, racked molasses), then move the pump up to the racking arm to let sludge form on bottom of cone(18-24 hours). I then turn off the pump and glycol temp control when the temp stops hitting temp(48 hours). My fermentations are 99% done and down to 1.048-1.050 in 72 hours. Every seven days I rack out and distill a wash, clean and sanitize fermenter and start a new ferment in the fermenter.

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    I do it with 550g batches of 100% Rye. Otherwise it just blows over making an incredible mess.

    Absolutely speeds fermentation, done in 72h.

    20g? No, don’t bother.

  • @grim. thanks for the information.

  • @CothermanDistilling said: "My current setup is 3x 10bbl jacketed fermenters that have the MKII mag drive pumps"

    I have two of those pumps. Really happy with them.

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