• Pair of 10 plate side columns. Slow as dirt for vodka production.

    They grew fatigued and complacent.

    Distilling water ? Ok sure. Totally believable since water likely costs less money than the utility needed to distill it at that scale.......

    Doesn't matter. Ya just don't walk away from a large industrial peice of equipment.

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  • brand new building, 2000L? still 12" columns? should have had sprinklers... they are $2/sqft for new construction...

  • Cause of fire ???

  • Sprinklers up here are closer to $10, even more.

  • I paid that $10ft after the fact... could have done it for less... new construction should be $2-$2.5, with inflation, $3???

    if you ever price fire sprinklers, pay for the engineer to do the drawing of what you need, that will be like $2k... then, shop out the work...

    It is the difference between a padded $90,000.00 quote assuming 6" backflow and hundreds of feet of 6" pipe in your building and a realistic $25k quote for a 4" backflow and single short piece of 3" entering the building with mostly 2" and 1.5" piping... from my own personal experience...

  • @grim said: Sprinklers up here are closer to $10, even more.

    actually, I paid about $10/ft for the base area($~33k 3080ft), but they did second level about 80% of the building, about 5600ft, so $6ft... and I could have knocked nearly $10k off if I did the engineer first myself...

  • @richard said: Cause of fire ???

    Still under investigation. That was an an electric Olympic rig. They are oil bath kettles. No automated control over jacket temps would be a big problem for anyone walking away from the still for a length of time.

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  • I get the heeby jeebies anytime someone says why dont you use oil in your bain marie still. I always say because it can explode and burn. Water has a problem burning. At least no-one was injured.

  • Failure of the wall between the kettle contents and jacket would lead to a pretty catastrophic scenario.

  • Urethane insulation prolly turned to movie butter.

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  • @DonMateo said: Water has a problem burning.

    The problem when you say something like that is someone will take it as a challenge.

  • I said that to a guy who was in the Navy in Vietnam. He said actually mix enough oil and water and you can get it burning. Then you add pump enough sea water on it and you can extinguish the oil. I forgot he was in the navy and said ha ha ha ha. How did you find that out? He said damage survival training in the navy. He said they put you inside a closed chamber that resembles an engine room put you in a corner with fire hoses and put stacks of fuel oil mixed with water and then light it up. Of course they were wearing fire fighting hazard suits and breathing aparatus. If you put enough sea water on the burning water you can snuff it out. If you dont you dont and then you dont pass the course and get to do it again. This guy volunteered to be a navy forward air controller in the mekong delta for two years with attached to marine units hunting the VC/NVA. Nothing could bother him really. I wonder why.

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