Linking Two Boilers

So currently running a 4" column on a 50L keg boiler making gin (small commercial setup), and am having a bigger boiler made soon, but just wondering what people's ideas are on linking two keg boilers together.

What would be a safe and easy way to do this without effecting taste?

Just connect second boiler so it vents directly into open space above liquid in the boiler with column attached?

The boiler that has column attached has a 4" inspection/cleaning port on top so could add a reducer and run a 2" pipe from additional boiler to this?


600 x 800 - 77K


  • I have never seen a situation where it was really a wise idea and not a band-aid. Even with 2 same sized boilers, you double the surface area for heat losses, add in points for leaks, etc... better to run one.

    If you had 2 equal sized boilers, the most efficient use I can think of is to use an HX to drain one while filling the other to recover 70% of the heat for pre-heat of the other.. I have done this method with a 2nd vessel, not boiler and saved 60-90 minutes of time...

    Also, that keggle looks good, but the stand looks scary as heck to me... I would suggest a larger outline stand with small tie-down straps or hooks through the holes in the ring

  • Thanks @CothermanDistilling those were my thoughts as well. Heat recovery isn't an issue for me as I have 5000L of pre heated water on hand (near boiling) , so a quick refill isn't too bad. Yip scary as, bad when empty, not so bad full. But gets strapped down for sure. Thats what happens when someone thinks they are using their initiative rather than following directions..

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