Orders contacts?

I put a order in awhile ago after not hearing anything I went through your web site and found that you send a second invoice for shipping which I have not gotten yet. could I get a contact number or email? Thanks

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  • Smaug Any word on the boat hittin the docks?

  • Evidently custom's has cleared since the exam fee has now been added to the entry invoice. Not sure when they will release the shipment?

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  • I used to do some importing. I usually found stuff missing when I counted. I am not saying that the govt people would take anything but if it fell in their pockets and they didn't know it and the container was no where to be found and I forgot which one it was. Count your container well.

  • I can tell you that listing key words on the export documents manifest, like copper, should be avoided. Brass does not have the theft problem so I may get confused and list it that way, wink, wink.
    There are also a few hot button key words that tend to trigger custom's inspection, and even worse, testing (foe a fee of course). The sanitary triclamp valves are missing the word sanitary for this reason.

    The vast majority of the time we've had no problems yet a few copper items have mysteriously disappeared but that's a problem planet wide. In the US it was common just a few years ago to have thousands of dollars of air conditioner damage because someone wanted a few dollars of the copper innards.

    On a more positive note, 5000 copper risers were shipped to us a few months ago and the crate broke open spilling the contents somewhere in route. The shipping company gathered them all and re-packaged the crate and after we counted them NONE were missing. Ain't always like that but when it happens it warms the heart.

    Back on thread-track now, SD EU (European Union) will soon be sharing links with StillDragon USA website so hopefully soon everyone will be pointed to their distributor. Until then, if we get a request from outside of our service territory we forward that request to the proper distributor. If you get caught in the shuffle please contact any StillDragon distributor and we'll forward your request to your distributor.

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