[USA/MT] Sale: Brand New 100 Gallon StillDragon Pot Still (Shipping Included)

This brand new still was shipped to me in 2017. Due to the collapse of building my distillery was located in, I've not had the chance to unpack this and put it to use. The still was not in the building when it collapsed, so has not been at risk of damage in any way. It's been in a commercial storage unit in its original crate, so I guess I can say it was packed by StillDragon.

I'm selling for $20,000 plus shipping by Old Dominion to anywhere in the continental US. Discount available if picking up.

Please see specs below. I lost most of the details about this still, but I may be able to contact SD for the engineering/design plans if you'd like more detail:

  • Original purchase price: ~$30,000 after shipping/delivery
  • Kettle: 100gal stainless
  • Vapor dome, column, and neck: copper
  • Condenser: stainless "gatling gun" style
  • Heating: Electric (3 phase req.); Steam jacket w/ 6 element receptacles (elements not included)

See attached image, taken by StillDragon in their warehouse in winter 2017/2018.


600 x 800 - 71K


  • Please contact for any questions.

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    Hi @bryceyoung,

    Looks like a nice still! I see you are in Montana and would be interested in getting a quote on shipping so could you provide the crate/pallet dimensions and weight? You mentioned it requires 3 phase service but do you know the amp drain or amps required? My electrician is asking. Finally, is there anything else it comes with like a control panel or agitation motor? Thanks!

  • Hi @davstill, I replied in DM as I don't have the answers to these questions. I'll have all the answers by EOW and post here in the comments for transparency. Appreciate your patience!

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    @davstill here are your questions answered to the best of my ability: (Side note: HUGE thank you to Jeff and Dianne at StillDragon for digging up these artifacts from 4 years ago!!!)

    • Shipping: See attached invoice (PDF) from the original purchase. Shipping charge was ~$1600 between Florida and Montana via Old Dominion. There are two packages: one skid with the kettle estimated by SD at roughly 700lb. Also one crate with helmet and condenser estimated at roughly 300lb.
    • Electrical, agitation motor: Agitator and motor are included. See attached engineer drawing (PDF) which denotes the electrical information. Since the still does not come with control panel or elements, it is up to the purchaser to determine which/how many elements to use and the power required.

    You should be able to deduce any additional information from the attached drawing and itemized invoice. Honestly, that's the extent of my knowledge, never having even opened the shipping containers.

    Bryce Distilling.pdf
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    This is great @bryceyoung - thanks for posting

  • This is still available for anyone looking to purchase.

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    70 watts per liter will provide about a 1 hour heat up time.

    As an example:

    6/ 6000 watt elements will get you to temp in about 59 minutes.

    6/ 8000 watt elements will get you to temp in about 44 minutes.

    6/12000 watt elements will get you to temp in about 29 minutes

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