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SD New Stuff

StillDragon New Stuff

And this time it's condenser upgrades.

StillDragon 4" Super Dephlegmator

Twice the size, twice the connections and twice the price. Can hardly wait to try this out!


StillDragon 8" Super Dephlegmator


Pure copper EZ Flange ferrules


These are a work in progress and the release date will probably be around March sometime. A tiny number of them are being produced in Aussie pipe sizes to test if they work and if there is interest. They are about twice as expensive to produce as the brass ferrules and the minimum order is large but I've been wanting to do this for a long time.

800 x 600 - 60K
800 x 600 - 50K
800 x 600 - 98K


  • mate looks bloody fantastic

  • Very nice Lloyd. Love your work :D

  • I love seeing all the new stuff coming out of Still Dragon. Keep up the great work!!

    I was wondering if anything had changed with respect towards the 6" crystal dragon? Are there any plans of making one?

  • when are the new 4" Deflags going to be available in the states?

  • Terrific mate. If anyone has any doubts about who is the driving forces behind the innovation and response to customers at StillDragon, have no doubts it's Lloyd and his hardworking assistant Tan.

    Us agents just reap a bit of the limelight is all, Lloyd is the one who does it. =D>

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

  • @smaug I am in for at least 6 of the 2" copper ferrules to weld to copper pipe! Was afraid to ask for these!

  • Those are not going to be available here in the US for a good long while

    StillDragon North America - Your StillDragon® Distributor for North America

  • Y'all just making me blush :\">
    The 6" Crystal Dragon would not be hard to produce. I'll order a 6" sight tower with 8 holes to be produced. That takes about 3 weeks. Then Law of Ohms will be able to design the special gasket. The mold for that gasket takes about 2 or 3 weeks to make. During that time the shipping boxes can be made for the glass.

  • @smaug - I will wait... all copper tri-clamped condenser has it's place on my setup, and also a couple 4" copper ferrules, and a couple of those stainless 4x2 dome reducers we don't normally get here...

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    Looks really good, @Lloyd, something that a personally is thinking of is 4" sight glass with one part ( that are treaded) in pure copper from beginning and about 10-20mm longer/ more pipe than it is normally in SS.. that is something that a personally need in the future... and maybe some one more that build bigger column in copper and want to have axes to column through sight glass. I have big hands so 3" is to small for me a really need 4" to get inside the column with my big hands. ;-)


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    Another thing that I personally would need in the future is 8 "and 12" connections that are bolted, fixed to the same dimensions as the 8 "/ 12" tall / 40mm ferrules dimensions both inside and outside dimensions for pipes fixed with bolted connection instead of clamps .. and it goes well with SS for I can braze fixed copper with silverlood in these bolted connections in SS only they have an approximately 30-40mm high tube edge so you have a long face to allocate all silverlood on ..

    same as 8" and 12" ferrules for clamps but with 8-12pc bolted connection instead....

    Hope that in the future you can also add this up for sale.

  • edited November 2013

    Punkin sent some Aussie sized copper pipe to me and behold:


    2", 3" and 4" Aussie copper ferrules.
    Only a few of these were made and it will be a very long time before more can be produced. We used the USA special made copper pipes to produce these and the USA supply will probably last quite a long time because the minimum order to produce the custom copper pipes was uncomfortably large.

    Expect delivery to USA and Australia about early February.

    800 x 600 - 50K
  • Please Lloyd include the dimensions and a schematic for those flanges.

    The UK pipe sizes are slightly different, but it would be real easy to make a shim to bridge the gap between our, and the USA tube. 1 universal set of flanges with the appropriate shims and you have the entire globe sorted.

    I have to say that I still like the brass ones, so please don't go selling them all before SD Europe comes on line. Perhaps I should pre-order!!! :)) :))

  • Unfortunate to say, but we are pretty wary of posting dimensions and drawings nowadays. So many of our designs and ideas have been copied and reproduced, sometimes with people claiming to have invented them, that we rarely post detailed photos now, let alone schematics.

    StillDragon Australia & New Zealand - Your StillDragon® Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

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    @harley, Bolted flanges in copper? I think I would want these to be in brass or gunmetal.

    Copper to copper Tri clamp flanges are OK with a gasket in between, but bolted flanges might need to be a lot heavier to prevent warping under load. The copper is not as structurally stiff as brass.

  • edited November 2013


    You're probably right, and something that would be much better than regular long 8 "ferrules is a bolted connection that has almost exactly the same dimensions as 8" 42mm "collar"-top and instead of the usual bottom that clamps are around the ferules ,so it could be a 25mm / 1 "wide and about 12mm / 1/2" thick circular ring connecting there with holes for about 8st bolts that hold it together.

    This solution is not as sensitive if it is a little oval or distorted as it will take care of the packing/ thick sealing just bolts go to thread through both holes in the rings ... and then a can hard silver solder this ss conection togehter with my copper column.

    Maybe this solution can be fix at the same price ore lower becouse you dont need any clamps to this conection, only about 8pc screv, nut i think that it shall be heavier to transport becouse it is more ss in this solution.


  • edited November 2013

    Here you have the size of the Swedish copper pipe inside as outside diameter:

    Outer | Wall | Inside
    mm    | mm   | mm
     10   | 0,8  |   8,4    
     12   | 1,0  |  10,0    
     15   | 1,0  |  13,0    
     18   | 1,0  |  16,0    
     22   | 1,0  |  20,0     
     28   | 1,2  |  25,6    
     35   | 1,5  |  32,0    
     42   | 1,5  |  39,0     
     54   | 1,5  |  51,0
     70   | 2,0  |  68,0
     76,1 | 2,0  |  72,1
     88,9 | 2,0  |  84,9
    108,0 | 2,0  | 104,0
    2" =  54,0mm outside and  51,0 inside
    3" =  76,1mm outside and  72,1 inside
    4" = 108,0mm outside and 104,0 inside
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    The new Element Guard

    The end is now updated to accept a PG19 cable gland


    The modified 6" Sight Tower

    Has arrived so we can begin the construction of its custom gaskets.


    The New Sight Glass Unions

    The samples arrive for the 2", 3" and 4" Sight Glass Unions that were modified by either welding a pipe section or a ferrule to them.


    800 x 600 - 48K
    800 x 600 - 55K
    800 x 600 - 60K
  • Those sight glasses are nice. Is that a modified SMS union? I presume you replace the liner with the glass. Handy as they have flat mating surfaces. I used compression fittings on mine but need to do something about the bevel in the nut :(

    I can't remember - Was there talk of making a flanged base plate alternative for the 6" sight tower so that the lowest section could be (semi-permanently) bolted down instead of using a clamp to attach it to the boiler?

  • edited November 2013

    @Myles, I don't know what an SMS union is but these sight glass unions are pretty common here, they are used on most of the boilers that we have made.
    Punkin asked for them to be produced so the pipe could be notched (bird beaked) to mate with a column pipe just welded in directly - not as neat but up to the customer.

    The ferrule end makes for a quick to open sight glass fitting if you have a ferrule end to work with.

    Bolt flanges are very thick and heavy. For 12" and bigger that would probably be the best way but I haven't given it much thought.
    They generally start life here as a blank with the holes drilled but the center is typically solid. The six inch size is about 3/4" thick if I remember correctly. They are readily available but I haven't seen any that didn't need some machining or welding work.

    I believe @harley was for a bolt flange that would accept a large pipe but I don't think it was for a glass column.

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    It was me that want to have this 8" and 12" connections flanged.

    The bolted connection that I think would suit me and many others who work with big and very hight copper columns is "one half" of this 6 "sight glass, that one of the connections here if you just lathed off the part that is for the clamps so it just becomes a straight edge upwards ... and in 8 "and 12" ....

    This shall be a very safe and looks very clean connection and if you have a 5-10mm thick gasket then nothing is any problem..... and you can hard solder this ss to copper with hard silver solder and this shall be 100% tight and very strong....


  • like the copper ferrules!!!! need some in 4" us pipe sizes.. Hi all new here but not to the hobby,ben around it all my life. never used stainlless before but starting to like it..

  • Hi and welcome @whitelighting. The copper ferrules are scheduled to arrive in USA around the middle of February.

  • Thanks for the info Mr. @Lloyd got a price in mind for them yet. Happy thanksgiving all.

  • I had a feeling about copper flanges when I ordered my brass pair at a reduced price recently. Definitely interested. Stop making it so easy to build cool stuff.

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    The copper ferrules are about twice the price of the brass ferrules.
    At StillDragon we are dedicated to making it hard for you to decide what to buy.

    Quite awhile back I had a few 2" copper discs cut for some hairbrained project that didn't pan out so I sent them to @Smaug in USA. They fit a 2" copper pipe and ferrule perfectly so for the builders wanting to construct a copper shotgun condenser at least some of the work has already been done.




    800 x 600 - 45K
    800 x 600 - 41K
    800 x 600 - 35K
  • woo Ho I'm so ready send me a pm or e-mail when the four inch is in...can you say another new project lol. so glad I put that no girls aloud on the shop door last week... steel think I'm using stainless on the rest hum ... I will start on a drawing this week. we can start a new build post. I have had a akin to make a new still with all that beautiful stainless here to pic from. And now the copper can you say a thing of wonder he he...

  • Any plans to offer 6" sightglasses in the future?

    4" could work, but 6" would give me more room to maneuver these chubby arms.

  • Sure, maybe in the future. I'd like to sell a few 4" first :)

  • I use a standard 6in ferrule and clamp with some standard 5mm glass I got cut from my local glass supplier.

    works great.

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