Bourbon Whiskey Mash Kit for Christmas Presents?

This kit will make 10 gallons of a true all grain Bourbon whiskey mash.
This kit contains some of the finest grain available. All grain is food grade and non-GMO.

The corn is a mixture of Hickory Cane & Yellow Corn. They are two old heirloom varieties well known for for making good whiskey. The rye is Southern variety, Winter Magic.

We chose Minoa Barley and floor malted it. It is one of the few barley varieties that is acclimated to the Southern climate.
All grains were finely milled on a stone grist mill.

Included is 7 pounds of corn, 1 pound of wheat, and 2 pounds of malt.

In a 15 gallon stock pot, put in 5 gallons of water. pH should be 5 to 6.
Adjust with citric acid or calcium chloride.

Bring water to a rolling boil. Then turn off. Stir the corn in slowly while mixing with a paddle or paint mixer on a drill motor. When corn is about half added, measure out roughly half the malt and add it to the corn in the pot and mix well. This should thin the mash out.

Add the remaining corn. Then make sure the mash is mixed well. Then allow to stand for 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes, your temperature of the mash should be around 180°. Adjust with water top about 150°. Then add the rye.
Also add your remaining malt and blend up well.

Allow to stand about 15 minutes. Then add water to get the total amount of mash to around 10 gallons.
Usually your mash temp will be around 100°F. You can pitch yeast now for a warmer ferment which can produce fruity esters. Or drop an immersion chiller in and take the temperature down to 75° or 80° and then pitch. This makes a better product.

Fermentation will start in about an hour and last about 3 days.
It can be distilled on the grain, or if using immersion elements let it settle out.


Bourbon Whiskey Mash Kit @ StillDragon North America


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