Off Gas

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Any thoughts on off gassing? We're using a high grade extra neutral base in our pot style (Dragon) still but we are finding, though the flavour of our gins (& single run basket botanical runs) is on the mark (& true to the botanicals), the nose doesn't quite match - or rather is overpowered by less favourable notes. The smell is almost methane-ish, or dare I say, turpentine-ish. Yes things have been improving a whole lot after being aired but it's taking a fair amount of time & we'd prefer our products to no require endless aging. Any advice?


  • What's your cut procedure?

    Sounds a little like a fermentation issue?

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  • Extra neutral.... Is that a grape spirit from a major supplier in south australia? If so, I know a few people who use it & love it. That said, i also know some people who won't use it as they think the profile isn't consistent.

    Have you tried to process it by any of the following: - carbon filtering before use? - redistilling the neutral and taking a heads cut? - making a small heads cut on your all in 1 single runs? - bubbling air through the spirit for a period before using? (NB make sure your ventilation is very good!!)

  • make a small GNS redistiller?

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  • Thank you, thinking it might actually be caused by one of our citrus skins after all. Doing a few tests's hoping...

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